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Teresso™ GTC Series Turbine Oils

Premium Gas, Steam and CCGT Turbine Oil

Product Description

Teresso™ GTC Series Turbine Oils are high performance turbine oils designed to provide excellent lubrication for turbines in the most severe operating conditions. Teresso GTC provides high performance and flexibility, as it can be used in steam, gas, and combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) applications. Teresso GTC is formulated with carefully chosen, high quality hydrotreated basestocks and a proprietary additive package, that work synergistically to provide worry free, high performance and long service life in turbine applications. TERESSO GTC has shown exceptional trouble-free long-life performance in severe cyclical service gas turbines.

Teresso GTC provides long service life that can be measured over time by monitoring its RPVOT ASTM D2272 (Rotary Pressure Vessel Oxidation Test) performance. RPVOT retention in high temperature, severe service lube systems is a key indicator of the lubricant’s condition and remaining oxidation performance. Teresso GTC has a very high initial RPVOT value and excellent in-service RPVOT retention that enables its potent capability to delivering long service life and “keep clean” performance in turbine lubrication systems.

Varnish and deposit control and “Keep Clean” performance in severe duty gas turbines are key features of Teresso GTC. Lower quality turbine oils can form degraded materials such as varnish, early on in their service life. These degraded materials can dirty up a system, plug up tight tolerance valves and filters and cause unexpected outages. All of these problems can lead to high cost operations, increased maintenance and costly failures to deliver power when required. Teresso GTC is formulated to deliver cleanliness and oxidation control and keep the lube system clean and running reliably.

Teresso GTC provides excellent demulsibility results and rapid water separation, which are critical to steam and gas turbine operations. Teresso GTC’s formulation also includes a thermally stable non-zinc antiwear system that provides the load carrying requirements of many geared turbines and other ancillary equipment in the power plant. Powerful foam control, excellent air release, rust and corrosion protection and good low temperature performance round out the excellent service capabilities of this high performance lubricant.  


Features and Benefits

Features Advantages and Potential Benefits
Provides excellent performance for both gas and steam turbine requirements Avoids lube misapplication and costly change outs
Excellent thermal and oxidative stabilityClean systems require less maintenance. Filters remain cleaner longer, thereby reducing planned and unplanned downtime. Oil life can be extended, reducing the need for more frequent oil changes and system flushes
Stable RPVOT, Varnish and deposit control and "keep-clean" performanceInternal surfaces, motion controls and tight tolerance devices stay cleaner longer and function as required, thereby reducing planned and unplanned maintenance and costs to operate
Excellent Foam and Air ReleaseCavitation and excess heat are controlled through the rapid release of foam. Pumps and components can last longer and oil life can be increased
Rust and Corrosion ProtectionReduced downtime and damage to equipment. System is protected when idle and in the presence of water or other corrosive elements
Rapid Demulsibility waterWater is rapidly separated, reducing the risk of rust, corrosion and reduced oil film
Excellent Wear ProtectionExcellent protection for both geared and non-geared turbines and ancillary equipment. Reduced wear, longer life and reduced maintenance costs




Specifications and Approvals

Teresso GTC 32 is recommended for certain steam and gas, non-geared and geared turbines manufactured by Alstom, (ABB) HTGD, GE (GEK- 32568) and (GEK-101941A), Solar (ES 9-224), Siemens (TLV 9013 04), Westinghouse and Hitachi.

Please contact your Imperial Oil representative for additional information about Teresso GTC Series. Specific builder approvals and performance are available on request. 


Typical Properties

Teresso GTC Grade3246
Viscosity cSt@40°C3246
Viscosity Index118116
Pour Point, °C-27-24
Flash Point, COC, °C min.215215
Neutralization Number0.110.11
Oxidation Life>10000>10000
RPVOT, min3000+3000+
Rust TestPassPass
Air Release, min2>5
Foam Test 10/010/0
Load carrying capacity, FZG-FLS99
Demulsibility, <10 min40/40/040/40/0
Copper Corrosion1B1B 



The products described on this data sheet are manufactured from high quality petroleum base stocks, carefully blended with selected additives. As with all petroleum products, good personal hygiene and careful handling should always be practiced. Avoid prolonged contact to skin, splashing into the eyes, ingestion or vapour inhalation. Please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet for further information.

Note: The products described on this data sheet are NOT controlled under Canadian WHMIS legislation.

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