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Product Description

Mobil Epic™ EP 102, Mobil Epic EP Moly and Mobil Epic MQ lubricants are premium quality, semi-synthetic all-weather greases that offer excellent lubrication performance over a very wide operating temperature range. The lithium complex soap technology used in Mobil Epic brand greases contributes to long life through excellent oxidation stability, good shear stability, high temperature protection and water resistance. The additives in Mobil Epic greases provide excellent corrosion protection, potent wear protection and very high load carrying capacity. Mobil Epic greases are recommended for multi-service application in plain and anti-friction bearings, gears, slides and other applications where friction reduction and low wear are required. Mobil Epic greases have a long history of excellent performance in the toughest applications and under extreme temperature conditions.

Mobil Epic EP 102 is a non-moly multi-purpose grease designed to provide outstanding performance over a very wide temperature range in a variety of industrial, automotive and heavy duty applications. Mobil Epic EP Moly is formulated with Molybdenum disulphide to provide an extra level of protection for chassis applications, such as heavily loaded pins, bushings, slow turning bearings, slides and gears. Mobil Epic EP 102 and Mobil Epic EP Moly have excellent low temperature dispensing and pumpability, as low as -40°C and thermal stability in applications as high as 150°C.

Mobil Epic MQ is an NLGI 0.5 grease designed for use in central systems on heavy duty mobile equipment. It is fortified with 5% Molybdenum disulphide, which is required by several major OEM’s for their equipment. Mobil Epic MQ is designed to be dispensable in central grease systems at temperatures as low as -50°C. It is typically used as a chassis lubricant on surface and underground mobile equipment, operating under the harshest conditions.


Features and Potential Benefits

FeaturesAdvantages and Potential Benefits
Excellent dispensability at low temperaturesProtects lubricated parts from wear at very low temperatures
Wide operating temperature rangeCan protect equipment from wear at temperatures as low as -50°C and as high as 150°C
Semi-synthetic basestockHelps to provide reduced low-temperature startup torque, helping to reduce energy draw and wear
Excellent rust and corrosion protectionComponents surfaces are protected from degradation leading to longer life, reduced maintenance and replacement costs
High load carrying capacityFormulated with potent extreme pressure agents to protect metal surfaces under load – reduced wear, longer life, reduced maintenance and replacement costs
Molybdenum disulphideForms a solid layer on metal surfaces providing potent protection against sliding friction. Extends component life and reduces maintenance costs associated with repairs and replacement costs



  • As a heavy duty chassis lube for mobile equipment found in agriculture, mining, construction, forestry, and on-highway
  • As a general purpose grease in many industrial applications, indoors and outside, in both cold and high temperature applications

Please contact your Imperial Oil representative, or our Customer Service Center for assistance with the selection of the correct grade of Mobil Epic, or any of our high performance lubricants for your equipment.


Typical Properties

 Mobil Epic EP 102Mobil Epic EP MOLYMobil Epic MQ
NLGI Grade1.51.50.5
Thickener TypeLithium ComplexLithium ComplexLithium Complex
Molybdenum disulphide Content, %035
Penetration, mm/10 @ 25°C
  worked 60 strokes
  change after worked 100,000 strokes, %
+/- 10
+/- 10
+/- 10
Dropping Point, °C260260230
Oil Phase Viscosity
  cSt @ 40°C
  cSt @ 100°C
Viscosity Index150150150
Timken OK Load, kg282828
Low Temperature Torque (-40°C)
  Starting, g cm
  Running, g cm
Apparent Viscosity 20 sec-1, P
4-Ball Weld, kg250400400

The values shown above are representative of current production. Some are controlled by manufacturing and performance specifications while others are not. All may vary within modest ranges.


Health and Safety

Based on available information, this product is not expected to produce adverse effects on health when used for the intended application and the recommendations provided in the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) are followed. MSDS's are available upon request through your sales contract office, or via the Internet. This product should not be used for purposes other than its intended use. If disposing of used product, take care to protect the environment.

High-pressure injection of any grease under the skin can cause serious delayed soft tissue damage and should be treated immediately by a physician. To avoid injection injuries, inspect greasing equipment regularly for worn hoses and fittings. Keep fingers away from the nozzle and ensure the nozzle is firmly in place before discharging the grease. Please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet for further information.

Note: These products are not controlled under Canadian WHMIS legislation.

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Typical Properties are typical of those obtained with normal production tolerance and do not constitute a specification. Variations that do not affect product performance are to be expected during normal manufacture and at different blending locations. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. All products may not be available locally. For more information, contact your local ExxonMobil contact or visit
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