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Circulating System Cleaner

Product Description

Mobil System Cleaner is an oil-soluble, solvent-free cleaner that contains emulsifiers, dispersants, and rust inhibitors. It is safe for use with all ferrous and non-ferrous metals used in industrial equipment. A 5% concentration of Mobil System Cleaner in the system oil is typically recommended. The product is compatible with common seals up to 20% maximum concentration in the oil. Because of the viscosity and high flash point of Mobil System Cleaner, equipment can be operated normally during the cleaning process.


Features and Benefits

•  Solvent-free, oil-soluble cleaner

•  Highly recommended for removing varnish, carbon, sludge, and other contaminants from circulating lubrication systems, bearings, etc.

•  Safe for use with all ferrous and non-ferrous metals

•  Compatible with common seals up to 20% maximum concentration

•  Equipment can operate normally during cleaning process



Cleanliness in circulating lubrication systems e.g., paper machines and turbines is essential to adequate cooling and lubricant flow rates, as well as to lubricant and bearing life. It is advisable to clean circulating lubrication systems that have been in use for extended periods in order to remove accumulations of varnish, carbon, sludge, or other process contaminants from the oil supply and return lines, bearings and other elements of the lubrication system. Cleaning may also be required before installing a new charge of lubricating oil or when a new brand of lubricant is being introduced to the system.


Note: To prevent contamination of Mobil System Cleaner, it should be kept in closed containers. Drums of the product should be stored on their sides.


Procedures for using Mobil System Cleaner: Mobil System Cleaner should be used in accordance with the procedures below. Before beginning the process, the user should consult with their sales representative.


Note concerning filters and filtration: Extra filters will be required to handle the quantity of varnish and other deposits expected to be removed from the system. Filters should be changed immediately before adding Mobil System Cleaner to prevent the cleaner from breaking up the material already in the filters and dispersing it back into the system. The filters also should be changed before adding the flushing oil and/or before adding the final fill. In the course of the cleaning procedure, be prepared to change the filters several times per day.


1. Add Mobil System Cleaner to the reservoir at a 5% concentration in the oil while the system is operating at normal speed and temperature. The system should be operated at least 24 hours with this mixture. Your sales representative can advise you on the exact length of time, which is dependent on system size and current cleanliness.


2. After Mobil System Cleaner has circulated for the recommended time, drain the system immediately. Draining the oil quickly will maximize the amount of suspended insolubles and removed with the oil and will reduce the need to clean the sump manually. Any auxiliary reservoirs, secondary sumps, large bearings with drain cocks, etc. should also be drained at this time. For optimum performance of the final fill oil, final fill oil should be used and discarded as the flush oil.


3. Flush the system with an approved flushing oil. Consult your sales representative if in doubt about the oil to be used for flushing. If 5% Mobil System Cleaner is used, the residual Mobil System Cleaner / in-service oil, should be 2% or less after drain.  If this Mobil System Cleaner / in-service oil residual is greater than 2% a secondary and disposed of flush is recommended for at least 8 hours.


4. If the volume of oil and cleaner remaining in the system after flushing and draining is 10% or less of the system volume, a second flush will not be necessary. If the amount is more than 10%, or if there is uncertainty about the amount, the system should be flushed again.


5.  When the flushing phase is complete, fill the system with fresh lubricant of the appropriate viscosity grade.


Properties and Specifications



Appearance, AMS 1738

Clear Brown Oil

Flash Point, Cleveland Open Cup, °F, ASTM D92

138 (280)

Kinematic Viscosity @ 40 C, mm2/s, ASTM D445


Specific Gravity, 25 C/25 C, ASTM D1298



Health and safety

Health and Safety recommendations for this product can be found on the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) @

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