Get enhanced performance, with every drop of Mobil Pegasus

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Get enhanced performance, with every drop of Mobil Pegasus

Small things can make a big difference to your gas engine.

With its enhanced performance, Mobil PegasusTM oil increases oil drain intervals, helps protect your gas engine, improves engine output and reduces downtime.

Our latest customer success stories

Providing engine protection from biogas

Greenlake Systems BV operates a large biogas plant in The Netherlands and was looking for a lubricant that would help enhance productivity. Equipment performance and reliability is key to their success, particularly with engines running on aggressive gases.
Enhancing engine performance

With 121 operating landfill gas-to-energy sites across the UK, Infinis is one of the UK’s leading landfill gas-to-energy generators. Working hand-in-hand with ExxonMobil, Infinis improved engine performance and realised cost efficiencies across its fleet.

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  • Exceeding excellence with MTU

    Exceeding excellence with MTU

    Results of a field test trial have indicated that the use of Mobil SHC PegasusTM 40 has helped to provide outstanding protection and cleanliness for an MTU 6R-400 natural gas engine. This was achieved with an oil drain interval that was extended from 1250 hours to 1650.

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  • Mobil Pegasus 1005 helps gas compression plant double oil drain intervals*

    Mobil PegasusTM 1005 helps gas compression plant double oil drain intervals*

    An Argentinian gas compression plant has doubled oil drain intervals and reduced oil consumption by introducing Mobil Pegasus 1005, combined with ExxonMobil’s field engineering services. As a result, the plant has achieved an estimated annual savings of US$53,700.

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  • Mobil Pegasus 1005 has extended oil drain intervals by 150%*

    Mobil PegasusTM 1005 has extended oil drain intervals by 150%*

    A UK district energy company operating five Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plants, has increased oil drain intervals by 150%. This was achieved following the introduction of Mobil Pegasus 1005 and Mobil ServSM Lubricant Analysis program. As a result, the company has safely improved productivity and achieved cost savings.

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Find the right product for your gas engine

Explore our range of Mobil PegasusTM products that ExxonMobil recommends for your Original Engine Manufacturer (OEM).

Mobil Serv℠

We offer an extensive range of industrial technical services – all designed to help our customers optimize their lubrication programs and machine availability. These services provide your operation with solutions that can offer competitive advantages and outstanding value.

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Mobil Serv Lubricant Analysis – Easy, Efficient, Essential

Thanks to innovative scan-and-go technology, Mobil ServSM Lubricant Analysis is designed to help save time and money, while boosting equipment reliability and productivity. Fewer steps, better data accuracy.
Borescopic inspection: a snapshot of your engine

Discover the benefits that borescopic inspections can bring to your business with footage from the live demonstrations filmed at EnergyDecentral 2016.

For more information on borescopic inspections, download our technical guide.

Source: DLG e.V.

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Take the next steps towards gas engine success

Top tips

While lubricants may represent a small percentage of operating costs, simply selecting the right oil can have a significant impact on long-term maintenance costs. Operators should take into account OEM recommendations, as well as the gas type being used. ExxonMobil works with major OEMs to test and develop its lubricants, and is continuously developing new products that are tailored to specific gases. For example, Mobil PegasusTM 605 Ultra is specifically designed to mitigate the contaminants commonly found in gases produced from waste.
Advances in lubricant technology have resulted in breakthroughs in extending engine life, optimising oil drain intervals and improving the overall efficiency of equipment. By switching from conventional mineral oils to high performance lubricants, gas engine operators can help decrease the need for unscheduled maintenance, resulting in safer operations and cost savings.
As part of routine maintenance, the “health” of the lubricant and the equipment itself should be regularly checked. By trending oil analysis data it is possible to proactively address undesirable conditions before they result in equipment downtime. ExxonMobil’s new Mobil ServSM Lubricant Analysis program is a quick and easy to use system that sends maintenance professionals expert oil analysis assessments to identify potential issues, list possible causes and recommend corrective actions.