Gas engine news and updates

Gas engine news and updates  

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Mobil Pegasus™ 1107 approved for Jenbacher 2, 3 and 6 series natural gas-fuelled engines

Formulated to meet the needs of next generation engines, Mobil Pegasus™ 1107 is approved for use in all Jenbacher 2, 3 and 6 series natural gas-fuelled engines.  

TI 1000-1109 carries both the “Extended Drain” capability flag as well as catalyst approval. 

Mobil Pegasus 1107 received official approval from Caterpillar Energy Solutions for the use in their MWM TCG and CATERPILLAR CG gas engines. 

This further demonstrates OEMs’ confidence in ExxonMobil’s solutions for future gas engines. 

Mobil Pegasus 1107 offers operators of high severity natural gas engines benefits including:

  • extended oil drain intervals
  • superior varnish and deposit control
  • excellent oxidation and thermal stability
  • outstanding anti-wear characteristics
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New Mobil Pegasus 1100 Series

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