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As a plastics manufacturer, you expect your equipment to produce high-quality parts and products, unit after unit, whether you’re producing in long runs or short custom campaigns.

Mobil™ industrial lubricants have a long and successful record of service in the plastics industry. Our complete line of hydraulic oils, gear and compressor oils, fluids, and greases are formulated to help keep your operation running efficiently so you stay competitive.

Mobil DTE™ 20 Series hydraulic oils have long been recognized for their keep-clean performance and durability, and have helped customers achieve long oil life. Mobil DTE™ 10 Excel builds on that performance, offering additional energy efficiency and oil life benefits.

We know plastics. Let us help you get the most out of your operation.

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Plastic injection molding hydraulic oil analysis

Proper lubricant maintenance can help boost the reliability of your injection molding machines, which can help boost profits.

Technical topics, PDF

Advancing productivity with overall equipment effectiveness

Learn about Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), its value, and how plant operators can improve OEE by taking a closer look at their lubrication programs.

Industrial application expertise, Article

Mobil SHC™ synthetic grease helps to eliminate bearing failures and improve production output

A tube plant switched to Mobilith SHC™ 007 synthetic grease and helped eliminate thrust bearing failures, and reduced unscheduled downtime and maintenance inspections. Learn more.

Success stories, PDF

Mobil DTE 10 Excel™ series hydraulic oil provides energy saving of 3.7% on average

Mobil DTE 10 Excel series oil helps Volkswagen AG reduce energy demand for their injection molding hydraulics.

Success stories, PDF

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Injecting productivity into plastics

With Mobil™ industrial lubricants, you can help ensure your machinery works effectively, productivity keeps moving - and you stay more competitive.

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