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Power generation  

Invest in your success

Visit us at the POWER-GEN International show – booth 10443. We’ll explain how investing in our high-performance lubricants can help you:

  • Maximize equipment life and reliability
  • Minimize maintenance and repair costs
  • Enhance lubricant life
two engineers reviewing a power generator

How much could you save?

By using Mobil-branded lubricants as investments, our customers in power generation industries report significant operational gains. A cogeneration facility, for example, estimates annual savings of U.S. $100,000 after switching to Mobil DTE™ 832 turbine oil.

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Power generation industries

No matter how you make electricity, Mobil™ industrial lubricants are designed to help enhance equipment reliability and uptime. We have 150 years of industry experience and expertise and offer a wide range of standard-setting solutions and services.

  • Coal

    Coal energy power plant yard

    The right industrial lubricants can increase your coal power plant’s productivity and efficiency. Learn how Mobil™ industrial lubricants can help.

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  • Gas turbines

    Gas turbine blades

    Increase your gas turbine power plant's productivity and turbine efficiency through enhanced reliability and uptime with Mobil™ industrial lubricants.

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  • Hydroelectric

    Hydroelectric dam

    Our products are designed to provide trouble-free performance for common conditions in the hydroelectric sector, helping hydroelectric equipment operate at maximum efficiency.

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  • Natural gas engines

    Natural gas compressor

    The right industrial lubricants can improve natural gas engine reliability and performance. Learn how Mobil™ industrial lubricants are helping the natural gas engine industry achieve higher levels of productivity.

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  • Nuclear energy

    Nuclear energy industry towers

    Mobil™ industrial lubricants offer a wide range of high-performance oils and greases that can help increase your nuclear power plant's productivity.

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  • Wind energy

    Sustainability with wind turbines

    Trust Mobil SHC™ industrial synthetic lubricants to help keep your wind turbines running at peak efficiency for many years in demanding conditions.

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