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In the pulp, paper and forestry industry, efficiency is key to being competitive. Whether you're producing newsprint, fine papers or corrugated boxboard; your equipment has to run continuously and efficiently. Otherwise, you're losing time and money.

Building on our years of service to the industry, Mobil™ industrial lubricants are well suited for the harsh environments found in pulp and paper production. Working with major equipment builders we’ve engineered our products to perform at operating speeds over 2,000 m/min in high temperatures and in caustic washes.

Our robust line of synthetic and premium mineral oils and greases – along with our Mobil Serv℠ Engineering Services – are true problem solvers designed for diverse applications like paper machine circulating oils, wet-end and coupling greases, wood-yard equipment, waste water treatment and power generation equipment.

We back our lubricants with insightful advice on lubrication practices, equipment troubleshooting and other services to help you minimize equipment downtime and reduce operating expenses.

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Technical Resources

Water ingression

You should routinely check high water potential systems for water ingress. Here are a few steps to help keep your system operational and extend the interval between outages.

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Mobil SHC™ 630 helps Allimand paper machines with increasing oil drain intervals success story

One paper machine customer increased their oil drain interval 8x by switching to Mobil SHC™ 630 gear and bearing oil. Learn more.

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Mobil Polyrex EM grease helps double electric motor bearing life

Specially designed for electric motor bearings, Mobil Polyrex™ EM grease helped one paper company reduce grease consumption by 2.5x. Find out more.

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Mobilith SHC 100 synthetic grease helps German paper company reduce bearing damage

Switching to Mobilith SHC™ 100 synthetic grease helped one paper company eliminate bearing damage, prevent oil deposits and realize €100,000 in annual savings. Find out more.

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