Volvo SuperTruck is the future of freight

ExxonMobil and Volvo: Raising the bar on freight efficiency  

Longtime ExxonMobil partner, Volvo Trucks North America, unveiled its new Volvo SuperTruck at a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)-sponsored event in Washington, D.C., on Sept. 13, 2016. Learn how ExxonMobil supported Volvo’s development of its futuristic, heavy-duty concept vehicle.

Making technological breakthroughs a reality
Compared to current COV-8 commercial vehicles, the Volvo SuperTruck offers significantly enhanced fuel economy and overall freight efficiency – meaning more payload carried while burning less fuel. Engineering enhancements include its top-of-cab solar panels, ultra-light aluminum frame and advanced 425-horsepower, 11-liter proprietary engine. The concept vehicle was developed in collaboration with ExxonMobil engineers and other strategic partners in response to the DOE’s SuperTruck program, a public-private partnership started in 2009 that aims to advance the development of new technologies to meet increasingly stringent vehicle efficiency standards.

“ExxonMobil lubricant engineers worked side by side with Volvo engineers to identify the best lubricant solutions to optimize fuel economy and ensure critical component protection for the SuperTruck’s engine and driveline,” said Timothy Devens, ExxonMobil’s alliance manager for Volvo. “This is just the latest example of how ExxonMobil’s lubrication expertise is supporting leading truck and engine builders in the development of increasingly advanced engine technologies.”

Efficiency beyond expectations
In extensive on-road testing, the Volvo SuperTruck demonstrated the ability to exceed the ambitious goals of the DOE’s SuperTruck initiative. For example, the Volvo SuperTruck achieved an 88 percent increase in freight efficiency – eclipsing the DOE’s goal of a 50 percent increase – and boosted fuel economy by 70 percent by registering 12 miles per gallon. The DOE estimates that replacing all heavy-duty trucks currently on U.S. roads with SuperTrucks like Volvo’s newly introduced SuperTruck model would slash oil consumption by as much as 300 million barrels per year, saving truck operators nearly $20 billion in annual fuel costs.

Volvo SuperTruck increased freight efficiency 88% and boosted fuel economy by 70%

According to Devens, working with leading equipment builders to support advanced research projects like Volvo’s SuperTruck has multiple benefits for ExxonMobil. “The insights gained from these types of collaborations help influence the way we formulate our own Mobil Delvac™ commercial vehicle lubricants,” said Devens. “And, they help ensure that each generation of Mobil Delvac-branded lubricants provides optimal protection for the industry’s most advanced engine technologies.”

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