Mobil 1 Care +

Mobil 1 Care+™

Mobil 1 Care+™ is an exclusive membership programme that utilises a proprietary system to intelligently monitor your vehicle’s health and provide the maintenance information you need. From identifying potential faults before they occur, to receiving alerts when servicing is due, you can take the wheel with complete peace of mind.

Purchase Mobil 1 car servicing packages at participating workshops to subscribe to the programme.

Smoother vehicle maintenance with Mobil 1 Care+™

Sign up now to enjoy instant rewards and exciting offers - and, of course, worry-free drives. Let Mobil 1 Care+™ take care of all your car health and servicing needs.
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Say goodbye to breakdowns, hidden costs, and unnecessary surprises. Mobil 1 Care+™ provides reliable, transparent real-time diagnostics direct from your car. Reduce inaccuracies in diagnostics, reduce the costs of repairs and replacements, and save more money on car ownership.

Getting started with Mobil 1 Care+™ is as easy as downloading an app, registering an account, and installing your dongle. Follow these five simple steps to begin your journey.

Step 1: Download the Mobil 1 Care+™ app and register at

(Email verification is required to complete registration)

Step 2: Plug the Mobil 1 Care+™ dongle into your vehicle's On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) port.

Step 3: Wait for a 2-second beep to indicate a successful connection.

Step 4: Start your engine. Wait for 3 beeps.

Step 5: Log into the Mobil 1 Care+™ app and pair your phone to the dongle via Bluetooth and verify that your car is connected.

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