Mobil SHC™ Grease 68 Moly

Mobil industrial , Barbados

All-Weather Extreme Pressure Grease

Product Description

Mobil SHC™ Grease 68 Moly is a synthetic all-weather grease that offers excellent lubrication performance over a very wide operating temperature range. The lithium complex soap technology used in Mobil SHC Grease 68 Moly contributes to long life through excellent oxidation stability, good shear stability, and high temperature protection.

Mobil SHC Grease 68 Moly is designed for use in central systems on heavy duty mobile equipment. It is fortified with 5% Molybdenum disulphide, which is required by several major OEM's for their equipment. Mobil SHC Grease 68 Moly is designed to be dispensable in central grease systems at temperatures as low as -50°C.


Features and Benefits

•  Extraordinary high and low temperature performance compared to conventional greases, provides protection at high temperatures and low torque, easy start-up at low temperatures

•  Very good rust and corrosion protection provides high performance in wet conditions for reduced downtime and maintenance costs

•  Strong extreme pressure and antiwear capability enhance bearing protection under difficult operating conditions to reduce maintenance costs and downtime



     •  Designed for chassis lubrication on surface and underground heavyuty mobile equipment where central lubrication systems are in use

     •  Operating temperatures ranging from -50º C to 150º C

     •  As a general purpose grease in many industrial applications, indoors and outdoors, in both cold and high temperature applications


Properties and Specifications





Color, Visual


Penetration, 60X, 0.1 mm, ASTM D217


Dropping Point, °C, ASTM D2265


Timken OK Load, kg, ASTM D2509


Corrosion Preventive Properties, Rating, ASTM D1743


US Steel Mobility @ -30 F, g/min, AMS 1390


Lincoln Ventmeter, -30 F, psi, Lincoln - Grease Ventability by Lincoln Ventmeter


Flow Pressure @ -50 C, mbar, DIN 51805


Four-Ball Extreme Pressure Test, Weld Point, kgf, ASTM D2596


Viscosity @ 40 C, Base Oil, mm2/s, ASTM D445


Viscosity @ 100 C, Base Oil, mm2/s, ASTM D445


Viscosity Index, ASTM D2270



Health and safety

Health and Safety recommendations for this product can be found on the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) @

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