Mobilux™ XP 222

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Mobil Grease, General Purpose Antifriction Grease.

Product Description

Mobilux™ XP 222 is a high performance lithium hydroxystearate grease formulated to help in reducing friction between parts in movement and last longer when compared with conventional greases. It also provides extra protection against wear, rusting and water washout. Mobilux XP 222 is a NLGI 2 grease and is blended with an ISO VG 460 viscosity oil.


Mobilux XP 222 is recommended for a wide range of industrial applications including heavy-duty applications where high shock loads are present. This grease is suitable for equipment where moist or wet conditions are common based on its excellent protection against rust and corrosion and resistance to water wash-out. Mobilux XP 222 is a general-purpose grease. The recommended operating temperature range is from -20ºC to 120ºC but they may be used at higher temperatures if the lubrication frequency is increased accordingly.


Features and Benefits

Mobilux XP 222 provides good performance in the areas of friction and corrosion protection and long service life. It also provides good load carrying and extreme pressure.


Mobilux XP 222 uses specially selected additives to provide excellent rust and corrosion control, resistance to water contamination as well as anti-wear and EP protection. Mobilux XP 222 grease offers the following features and potential benefits:



Advantages and Potential Benefits

Improved protection against wear under heavy or shock loading and vibration

Protection against rust and corrosion and good lubrication even in presence of water

Resistance to water washout

Protection against rust and corrosion and good lubrication even in presence of water

Improved anti wear and extreme pressure capabilities

Extended bearing life for reduced maintenance costs and unplanned downtime



Mobilux XP 222 can be used in mechanical components installed in industrial, automotive, construction and marine applications such as plan and rolling bearings, bushings, chains, screws, etc. The light brown color of Mobilux XP 222 enables easy verification of application. This grease is blended with an ISO VG 220 base oil viscosity and can be used in a wide range of medium to high load applications at slow-to-moderate speeds, including most bearing applications in the paper, construction, and mining industries, as well as off-highway vehicles.


Properties and Specifications





Color, Visual

Light Brown

Four-Ball Wear Test, Scar Diameter, mm, ASTM D2266


Dropping Point, °C, ASTM D2265


Water Washout, Loss @ 79 C, wt%, ASTM D1264


Roll Stability, Penetration Consistency Change, 0.1 mm, ASTM D1831


Water Resistance, 3 h @ 90 C, Rating, DIN 51807-1


Penetration, 60X, 0.1 mm, ASTM D217


Four-Ball Extreme Pressure Test, Weld Point, kgf, ASTM D2596


Oxidation Stability, Pressure Drop, 100 h, kPa, ASTM D942


Base Oil Viscosity of Greases @ 40 C, mm2/s, AMS 1697



Health and safety

Health and Safety recommendations for this product can be found on the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) @

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