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Product Description 

The Mobile Vactra™ Oil No.2 SLC is a slideway lubricant specifically designed for linear motion guides, ball screws and slideways of machine tools and metal processing machine. While the product achieves high-level performance as the slideway basic performance for preventing stick-lip and chatter, it provides corrosion and rust protection, oil-stain resistance, etc. Furthermore, with the excellent compatibility with aqueous coolants, this is the most suitable slideway lubricant for machine tools using coolants.

The Mobil Vactra Oil No.2 SLC has been developed as a new lubricant with enhanced adhesive property for slideways and the significantly enhanced adhesiveness to slideways prevents slideway lubricants from being washed away even when coolants are infiltrated to slideways. Particularly due to recent increase in the use of aqueous or solution type coolants with high-level washing performance, washing away of conventional slideway lubricants by coolants, occurrence of abnormal noises on slideways, increase in sliding resistance, stopping of operation by overload of sliding motors and in the decrease of machining accuracy have been identified. In these cases, use of the Mobil Vactra Oil No.2 SLC can improve the situations. By using this product, even in the case that an increase in the refueling frequency and amount for the slideway lubricants is inevitable.

Also in some cases, adhesive deposits may be formed due to attaching of coolants on slideways of machining tools using coolants, such deposit formation can be minimized by using the Mobil Vactra Oil No.2 SLC due to its excellent compatibility with coolants.

Furthermore, the excellent separability from coolants allows easy removing of scum in the case of inclusion of Mobil Vactra Oil No.2 SLC in a coolant tank, and this allows maintaining of the performance of coolants and longer life through anti-biodegradability.

Features and Benefits

The Mobil Vactra Oil No.2 SLC has been developed and specifically designed to provide an extra margin of machinery protection by satisfying the stringent demands of slideways of machine tools. These oil series products exhibit excellent lubricity and load-carrying performance contributing significantly to improving the quality of machining parts. Furthermore, the Mobil Vactra Oil No.2 SLC has the following features by providing compatibility with coolants while maintaining excellent slideway performance and there are following potential benefits by the use.

Features Advantages and Potential Benefits
Controlled frictional characteristics Preventing the occurrence of chattering and lost motion and improving the processing accuracy
Excellent adhesiveness ‑ Protecting slideways by forming strong and stable coating and preventing washing out from slideways
‑ Forming stable oil coating to the solution or aqueous type coolants that can easily wash away the slideway lubricants and allowing smooth operation while maintaining the refueling intervals
‑ Providing protection against fretting corrosion and corrosion abrasion to linear motion guide and ball screw lubricants
Excellent separability from coolants Allowing easy elimination of scums in a coolant tank, maintaining of coolant performance, and longer life due to anti-biodegradability  
Compatibility with coolants and sludge protection Controlling adhesive substance formation due to mixing of coolants in slideway lubricants
Compatibility with a wide range of metal materials Providing compatibility with slideways with a combination of  various materials and allowing product integration
Long term rust and corrosion protection Preventing the deterioration of slideways in the presence of water and aqueous coolants



The Mobil Vactra Oil No.2 SLC is suitable for the following applications:

  • Small to large size machine tool slideways which require VG 68 viscosity
  • Brush application, forced lubrication, or hydrostatic circulation refueling systems
  • Machine tools using aqueous coolants
  • Lubrication of ball screws, linear motion guides (linear motion rolling bearings), head stocks and feeding screws
  • Machine with shorter coolant replacement intervals due to mixing of slideway lubricants in the coolants
  • Machine tools with the formation of adhesive substances on sliding surface and resultant negative effects in lubrication
  • Machine tools with an inevitable increase in the refueling frequency and amount for the slideway lubricants due to the use of coolants

Typical Properties

Mobil Vactra Oil No. 2SLC
ISO Viscosity Grade 68
Density @15℃, g/cm3 0.8791
Kinematic Viscosity@  40℃, mm2/s  63.25
                               @100℃, mm2/s  8.877
Viscosity Index 115
Flash Point COC , °C 238
Pour Point,°C -10.0


Health and Safety

Based on available information, this product is not expected to produce adverse effects on health when used for the intended application and the recommendations provided in the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) are followed. MSDS's are available upon request through your sales contract office, or via the Internet. This product should not be used for purposes other than its intended use. If disposing of used product, take care to protect the environment.

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