Mobil™ Hydraulic Oil M 46

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Zinc-free and ashless hydraulic oil

Product Description

Mobil Hydraulic Oil M 46 is formulated with high quality solvent-refined base oils. It is free from ash-forming components, silicone and zinc. It exhibits very good anti-wear and corrosion protection properties, outstanding oxidation and thermal stability, small foaming tendency as well as good water separation characteristics. Mobil Hydraulic Oil M 46 exceeds the minimum requirements of the DIN 51524 part 2 HLP (1985).


Features and Benefits

Features Advantages and Potential Benefits
Excellent anti-wear properties Trouble-free operation
High oxidation and thermal stability Long oil life
Free of zinc Low impact on waste water
Free of ash-forming components Low formation of residues during operation
Free of silicone Trouble-free coating processes
Suitable for the lubrication of rolling and sliding bearings as well as spur gears Allows product slate reductions
Low foaming tendency, even at high circulation rates Trouble-free operation
Good water separation Allows removal of water to reduce damages caused by corrosion
Compatibly with most seals Trouble-free operation



Mobil Hydraulic Oil M 46 is particularly designed for application to Müller Weingarten hydraulic presses, meeting the specific requirements for this application. Mobil Hydraulic Oil M 46 is also suitable for modern hydraulic systems for which DIN 51524 part2 HLP (1985) quality level is required. It can be used also for the lubrication of bearings and spur gears in equipment such as machine tools.


Specifications and Approvals


Mobil Hydraulic Oil M 46 meets or exceeds the requirements of:
DIN 51524-2:2006-09



Typical Properties


Mobil Hydraulic Oil M 46  
Viscosity, ASTM D 445  
cSt @ 40ºC 46
cSt @ 100ºC 6,8
Acid Number #, mg KOH/g, ASTM D 974 0,4
Pour Point, ºC, ASTM D 97 -27
Flash Point, ºC, ASTM D 92 210
Load carrying capacity (Brugger), N/mm², E-DIN 51347, part 2 35
FZG, (A/8,3/90), FLS rating, DIN 51354, part 2 12



Health and safety

Health and Safety recommendations for this product can be found on the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) @

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