Mobil SHC Chain 240

Mobil industrial , Iceland

High Temperature Chain Lubricant

Product Description

Mobil SHC Chain 240 is an exceptional performance chain lubricant designed for lubrication of high temperature conveyor chains at temperatures up to 290°C / 555°F. It is designed to provide excellent wear protection and resistance to evaporation, thermo-oxidation and coking.


Features and Benefits

Mobil SHC Chain 240 helps to:

  • Provide a degree of equipment protection beyond the capabilities of conventional chain lubricants
  • Provide extra reassurance of trouble-free equipment protection at very high temperatures
  • Extend equipment life, reduce costs, improve total system performance
  • Prevent wear of chains, sprockets, and other system components
  • Reduce deposit formation thereby reducing chain sticking
  • Provide lasting lubrication of chains at high temperatures
  • Reduce lubricant consumption compared to conventional chain lubricants



Mobil SHC Chain 240 is designed specifically for the lubrication of oven conveyor chains at temperatures up to 290ºC (555⁰ F). It is suitable for high temperature chain applications in:

  • Fiber glass insulation manufacture
  • Particleboard (OSB , MSB) manufacture
  • Plastics and textiles manufacture
  • Paint oven operations


Typical Properties

Test Mobil SHC Chain 240
Density, kg/dm3, ISO 12185 0.968
Kinematic Viscosity, mm2/s,ISO 3104
- @ 40°C 245
- @ 100°C 19
Viscosity Index, ISO 2909 86
Flash Point, COC, °C, ISO 2592 290
Pour Point, °C, ISO 3016 -24
Foam, ISO 6248
-Seq I, Tendency, ml 50
-Seq I, Stability, ml 0
Evaporative Loss, wt%, 204°C, 6.5 hrs, ASTM D972 1%
Copper Corrosion, 100°C, 3 hrs, ASTM D130 1A
4-Ball Wear, wear scar, mm, ASTM D4172 0.4
4-Ball Weld Load, kg, ASTM D2783 160


Health and Safety

Health and Safety recommendations for this product can be found on the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) @

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