Mobil™ ATF HK8

Mobil passenger-vehicle-lube , South Korea

Premium Synthetic ATF (For Korean brand vehicles)

Product Description

The Mobil ATF HK8 is Mobil's synthetic automatic transmission oil (ATF) for domestic vehicles (Hyundai, Kia brands) equipped with the latest 6- to 8-speed automatic transmissions and Japanese vehicles (TOYOTA/LEXUS, HONDA/ACURA, NISSAN/INFINITI brand). The automatic transmission fluid not only protects the gear from low speed to high speed within the transmission assembly, but also acts as the hydraulic actuator required for gear shifting, maximizing the transmission (auto transmission) performance and extending its lifespan. For more details, please refer to the specifications in the product manual and the transmission oil recommendation specifications in your vehicle manual.


Features and Benefits

• Transmission oil for mobiles covering a wide range of auto transmissions from the latest 6 to 8 speeds.

• Provides fast, quiet and smooth shifting

• Excellent oxidation stability and anti-corrosion and wear protection to protect your auto transmission and maintain the best driving performance for a long time

• Excellent viscosity stability and improved fuel economy even at excellent low temperature fluidity and high operating temperatures



Advantages and Potential Benefits

Low viscosity

Helps improve fuel economy

Excellent low temperature fluidity

It offers a smooth and quiet start

Maintain a high temperature viscosity

It provides powerful mission protection and enables safe driving even at high speeds

Oxidation stability

Extends the exchange cycle

Anti-corrosion wear performance

Provides powerful mission protection



• Hyundai SP-IV, SP-IV M, SP-IV RR (6-8 speed front and rear wheel AT)

• GM Dexron VI (Chevrolet cars)

• Toyota, Nissan, Honda cars

• Except for DCT/CVT


Specifications and Approvals


This product is recommended for use in applications requiring:

GM Dexron VI

Hyundai SP-IV


Honda ATF DW-1

Honda Type 2.0

Honda Type 3.0




This product meets or exceeds the requirements of:

JASO 1-A-LV-15


Properties and Specifications



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Health and safety

Health and Safety recommendations for this product can be found on the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) @

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