Mobil™ Antifreeze Extra

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Advanced Antifreeze Coolant Concentrate

Product Description

Mobil Antifreeze Extra is an extra high performance concentrated antifreeze formula that needs to be diluted prior its use.


Mobil Antifreeze Extra is an organic acid coolant technology, ethylene glycol type radiator coolant concentrate offering protection against freezing, boiling and corrosion. It provides year-round protection to cooling systems. Product is colored green.


Features and Benefits

Mobil Antifreeze Extra was developed to protect passenger vehicle engines of both ferrous and aluminum construction against corrosion and frost damage. It contains a blend of inhibitors designed to give a high degree of corrosion protection to engine components such as radiators, cylinder blocks/heads and water pumps over a 2 year period. Mobil Antifreeze Extra is free of nitrites, amines and phosphates. The coolant has a changeover period of 100,000 Kms (max) and is 700ppm hard water stable.

*Refer to your vehicle service manual for coolant requirement.



Mobil Antifreeze Extra must be diluted with de-ionized water as recommended by vehicle manufacturer (see dilution chart). Tap water can be used when not excessively hard. Waste from mining, sea water, brackish water, brine, industrial waste water must be avoided. Pour into vehicle cooling system as recommended by vehicle manufacturer. ExxonMobil recommends Dilution Ratio of 1 part coolant in 2 parts soft or demineralized water. Post dilution, the freezing temperatures would be about -4°C.


Dilution Table

Antifreeze                Water                           Freeze protection

33 %                                67 %                       -4°C

50 %                               50 %                        -6°C

60 %                               40 %                         -8°C


Specifications and Approvals


This product is recommended for use in applications requiring:

ASTM D3306 performance requirement


This product meets or exceeds the requirements of:

JIS K 2234 perfomance requirement


Properties and Specifications



Specific Gravity @ 29.5 Deg C, ASTM D1122


Color, Visual


Boiling Point, C, ASTM D1120


pH, ASTM D1287

8.25 (@ 33%% v/v)

Reserve Alkalinity to pH 5.5, ml.1NHCL, ASTM D1121



Health and safety

Health and Safety recommendations for this product can be found on the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) @

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