Unirex™ EP 0

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Product Description

The UNIREX™ EP 0 is a high performance and extremely versatile long-life premium performance grease. Mobil Unirex EP 0 has been formulated with high quality basestocks, proprietary high performance lithium complex thickener technology and an additive package designed to provide outstanding wear protection, excellent rust and corrosion protection and very good resistence to thermal, oxidative and structural degradation in high temperature applications. Unirex meets the challenges in demanding applications in many industries including transportation, manufacturing, construction, mining, logging, cement, marine and paper-making, where a grease must perform well in a multitude of different severe applications.


Features and Benefits



Advantages and Potential Benefits

Outstanding adhesion and water resistance.

Stays-in-place and resists wash-out in the presence of water, thereby extending lubrication intervals and helping equipment to last.

Excellent protection against rust and corrosion.

Keeps the lubricated surfaces protected, thereby reducing component wear and damage and helping to extend equipment life.

Potent extreme pressure/wear protection.

Designed to protect components under severe load and shock conditions, thereby reducing wear and increasing component life.


Designed to provide excellent service in severe high temperature applications, helps to extend lubricant and component life.

Excellent high temperature stability and service life.

Designed to provide excellent service in severe high temperature applications, helps to extend lubricant and component life.



• In a multitude of applications indoors and outdoors, in stationary and mobile equipment, in high and low temperature applications.


• As a multi-purpose grease for use in a wide variety of applications, allowing for consolidation and simplification.


Properties and Specifications




NLGI 0.5

Thickener Type

Lithium Complex

Base Oil Viscosity of Greases @ 40 C, mm2/s, AMS 1697


Corrosion Prevention, Rating, ASTM D1743


Dropping Point, °C, ASTM D2265


Four-Ball Extreme Pressure Test, Weld Load, kgf, ASTM D2596


Four-Ball Wear Test, Scar Diameter, 40 kg, 1200 rpm, 1 h, 75 C, mm, ASTM D2266


Penetration, 60X, 0.1 mm, ASTM D217


Timken OK Load, kg, ASTM D2509



Health and safety

Health and Safety recommendations for this product can be found on the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) @ http://www.msds.exxonmobil.com/psims/psims.aspx

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