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Oil-soluble cleaner

Product Description

Mobil Solvancer is an oil-soluble cleaner blended from Group V base stock, and is compatible with most lubricants formulated with API Group I – Group IV base stocks.  A concentration of 3-5% of Mobil Solvancer in the system oil is typically recommended.  It can be added to in-service oil without adverse impact to performance, unlike water based chemical cleaners or some aggressive oil soluble cleaners. Use of Mobil Solvancer typically does not require a secondary displacement flush.  It is recommended for use during 1) oil conversions; 2) to alleviate operational issues due to varnish, such as elevated bearing temperatures or sticking valves; or 3) to support oil life extension.  Mobil Solvancer is a solubilizing agent that quickly dissolves deposits and varnish to help maintain cleanliness of turbine bearings, seals and hydraulic systems.  When cooled, Mobil Solvancer maintains residual deposits keeping them in solution to avoid re-adhesion, transfer of deposits, filter plugging and oil line flow blockage events.  It can be used with seals, paints and other coatings commonly used in industrial equipment.


Features and Benefits

• Enables conversions, helps with elevated bearing temperature troubleshooting and supports oil life extension

• Exceptional ability to remove varnish, carbon and sludge from circulating lubrication systems, bearings, hydraulic systems, etc.

• Works quickly to dissolve varnish from internal system components; resists re-adhesion when cooled

• Benign towards in-service oils, seals, paints and coatings commonly used in systems

• Does not adversely impact lubricant performance including oxidation stability, anti-wear, gear loading, demulsibility, foam and air release

• System flushing not required after use; safe for extended use

• Mobil Solvancer does not adversely impact testing on OEM and/or Industry specifications/approvals



Mobil Solvancer can be used in the following applications:

• Turbines (excluding aero derivatives)

• Compressors

• Hydraulic systems

• Gear boxes

• Paper Machines

• Heat Transfer

Consult your sales representative to discuss other potential applications and viscosity limitations that may apply.

Note: To prevent contamination of Mobil Solvancer, it should be kept in closed containers. Drums of the product should be stored on their sides.

Note concerning filters and filtration: Extra filters may be required.

Note:  Mobil Solvancer is recommended for 1) use in conversions; 2) to alleviate operational issues due to varnish, such as elevated bearing temperatures or sticking valves; or 3) to support oil life extension.

Procedures for using Mobil Solvancer: Mobil Solvancer should be used in accordance with the procedures below. Before beginning the process, the user should consult with their sales representative.

1. Recommend Mobil ServSM Lubrication Analysis testing to confirm performance

2. When possible, filters should be changed immediately prior to adding Mobil Solvancer to prevent the cleaner from breaking up the material already in the filters and dispersing it back into the system

3. Mobil Solvancer should be added to the oil at the rate of 2 gallons per minute, in a turbulent area, while the system is operating at normal speed and temperature

4. We recommend adding Mobil Solvancer to oil reservoirs at the following designated concentration rates:

1) Oil conversions:

i. Add:  5% into oil reservoir at least one month prior to conversion

ii. Drain:  Used oil

iii. Clean:  Manual system clean recommended

iv. Filters:  Change system filters

v. Fill:  Add fresh oil at OEM recommended ISO particle count

2) Alleviating operational issues due to varnish such as elevated bearing temperatures or sticking valves:  3% as needed (not to exceed 10%)

i. Monitor bearing temperatures; Reduction in bearing temperatures expected within 24 hour period

ii. If necessary, add additional 3% treatment; not to exceed 10% in total

3) Oil life extension:  3% as needed (not to exceed 10% in total)

5. Recommend Mobil Serv Lubrication Analysis testing to confirm performance

Contact your sales representative for questions.


Properties and Specifications



Appearance, AMS 1738

Clear and bright, water white

Flash Point, Cleveland Open Cup, °C, ASTM D92

217°C / 422°F

Kinematic Viscosity @ 40 C, mm2/s, ASTM D445


Specific Gravity, ASTM D1298


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