Four maintenance tips to improve construction equipment reliability

Four maintenance tips to improve construction equipment reliability

From budget constraints to ensuring that projects are completed safely and on-time, fleet managers have plenty to watch over to meet contract expectations.

Although already a priority for any fleet, equipment maintenance can go a long way to meet and exceed the daily challenges that fleet managers face. When you develop a lubrication program properly, it can safely extend equipment life while preserving equipment. In turn, this can save significant costs related to maintaining and replacing equipment, ultimately giving back the time to think about other essential business priorities.

Below are our best lubrication tips and advice from our experts that you can easily incorporate into your maintenance program to improve equipment productivity immediately.

1. Choose the right lubricant for the right job

Construction equipment operates in some of the most rugged environments, and so your business relies on you to choose the right lubricant for optimal performance. But just as some projects are better suited for an excavator versus a dozer, certain lubricants are better suited for specific conditions.

For instance, lubricants come in different viscosity grades that not only take into consideration the ambient temperature range, but also are designed to perform at elevated operating temperatures. Some lubricants are designed to be used in colder temperatures, while other heavier-grade lubricants are designed for warm weather.

Cold Climate
  • Pumps and flows during startup
  • Maintains viscosity at operating temperature

Warm Climate

  • Viscosity that prevents thinning out under elevated temperatures


2. Consider taking advantage of the latest advances in lubrication technology

As construction equipment has continued to evolve over the decades, so too have the lubricants that help keep them running efficiently. Lubricant technology has many proven benefits, including improved machinery performance, reduced maintenance costs, and extended equipment life.
Decreased fuel consumption


fuel consumption

Reduced maintenance costs


maintenance costs

Improved machinery performance


machinery performance

Extended equipment life


equipment life

Prolonged equipment protection


equipment protection

Today’s engine oils can increase operational efficiency by reducing overall oil consumption and provide longer drain intervals, reducing the amount of used oil to dispose. Greases resistant to deterioration and washout decrease the risk of workplace contamination. And hydraulic oils can reduce fuel costs and emissions while improving hydraulic responsiveness.

So if you haven’t reevaluated the latest advances in lubrication technology for your construction operation, it might be well worth the effort as it could extend the life of your equipment and help your bottom line.

3. You can digitize your maintenance processes, too

4. Sometimes, you need a custom lubrication solution

Different construction fleets have different needs. So you might want to consider a custom lubrication program that is tailored to deliver the results that you need. For example, our Mobil experts can help you consolidate your lubricant product mix to streamline logistics as well as storage and handling. We can help you pick the right products for your fleet and work with your maintenance team to determine optimal maintenance service intervals that keep your equipment running smoothly on the jobsite – which ultimately helps you deliver jobs on budget and on time.

In short, a custom lubrication solution that aims to:



Offers dependable protection.



Delivers our best performance and longest equipment life.



Helps increase equipment life and extend oil drain intervals

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