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Industrial lubricants by application

We have a range of high performance industrial lubricants, which are designed to ensure peak efficiency and reliability for your equipments. From mineral and fully synthetic lubricants to compressor and cutting fluids, we have something to enable every equipment to do more.

Use our tool below to explore our high-performance lubricants based on your specific industrial lubricant needs. Click on a product name to learn more about each product and the unique benefits it offers.

Contact your local industrial lubricant distributor to confirm product suitability for your application and local availability, or contact us to learn more.

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Common applications for industrial lubricants

Discover our range of high performance industrial lubricants by their application.

Products by type

  • Mobil synthetic lubricant for industrial plant

    Mobil SHC™

    Explore the full line of Mobil™ SHC products to discover how you can reduce wear, energy consumption and maintenance costs to energize your business.

  • Viz Roller Bearing with Mobil grease logo

    Mobil™ grease

    The Mobil™ grease product line – whether mineral based or synthetic – is designed for all-around balanced performance even in extreme operating conditions.

  • Gear screw application lubricant

    Mobil™ equipment oil

    Mobil™ equipment oils are formulated to provide maximum protection and extend equipment life so you can improve productivity, reduce costs and more.

  • primetals logo station

    Industrial lubricants

    Find industrial lubricants from our trusted range, known to keep the equipment running in its best health.