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Engine lubricants for industrial natural gas engines

For over half a century, Mobil Pegasus™ natural gas engine oils have been helping minimize maintenance downtime and boost productivity through long drain intervals, keep-clean performance, and outstanding wear protection.

Whether it is minimizing corrosion, removing water, or ensuring a solid resistance to standard wear and tear, our engine lubricants will be the best choice for those who use natural gas engines or equipment.

Benefits of our natural gas engine lubricants

Due to the hot and constantly operating nature of these equipment, natural gas engines and their parts are prone to retaining deposits and plug fouling. The performance of your machine will rely strongly on the type of lubricant being used – a good quality, true natural gas engine fluid.

Long-lasting Mobil Pegasus™ engine oils like the Mobile Pegasus™ 1100 Series help keep natural gas engines at peak production with formulations balanced to provide extended oil life, outstanding anti-wear characteristics, and to control the formation of carbon and varnish deposits.

Primarily intended as an engine lubricant for modern high-speed four-cycle engines, the Mobil Pegasus™ 710 is also formulated to provide excellent protection of engine components. This natural gas engine oil is also recommended for the lubrication of gas compressors.

Engine lubricants trusted worldwide

With highly effective lubricants developed by working closely with global equipment builders, our products are made to protect, prolong, and withstand stress on your machines. If you need help selecting the right natural gas engine oil, speak to an expert at Mobil™, or visit an authorized distributor in Singapore to discover other industrial lubricants today.

Performance recommendations: Keep your equipment running best by choosing the lubricant recommended for specific operating conditions.

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Lubricants for Natural gas engines

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