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Lubricated bearings greased for performance

Bearing failure costs more than just the price of replacing the parts – they can result in production losses due to machine downtime, or even damage repairs due to total breakdown. One of the leading causes of bearing failures is insufficient or improper lubrication. Or at times, the wrong type of grease is used.

Either way, all these can lead to contamination and an excess build-up of heat for machines with bearings.

Bearing lubricant for industrial machines

Lubrication is essential to the seamless operation of ball and roller bearings in machinery. You can either apply lubricant oil yourself or opt for oil lubricated bearings which are pre-lubricated before manufacturing.

At Mobil™, you can find a comprehensive selection of bearing lubricant oils and grease which delivers high performance and quality no matter your requirements. For example, our Mobilgrease Special is a bearing grease formulated to protect against wear, rust and corrosion, water washout, and high-temperature oxidation. It also contains molybdenum disulfide (moly) for added wear protection.

Engine lubricants trusted worldwide

The lubricant oils within the Mobil Cylinder Oils Series also are resistant to oxidation and thermal degradation and the build-up of harmful deposits caused by the high operating temperatures of steam cylinders. They protect against rust and corrosion, provide good film strength and excellent lubricity, and are resistant to water washout.

As an expert in the field of machinery protection through the provision of high quality lubricant oils, we have all the support you need to keep your engines running for an extended period of time. Speak to an expert at Mobil™, or visit an authorized distributor in Singapore to discover other machining products today.

Performance recommendations: Keep your equipment running best by choosing the lubricant recommended for specific operating conditions.
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