Mobil SHC 629 and MSLA service helped in extending ODI from 4 to 6 years and resulting into an annual savings of Rs. 85098.

Textile weaving machine

Equipment: Picanol Rapier Looms
Plant: Amber Textile
Address: Chhatral, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Amber Textiles used 15 Rapier looms. The Staubli Gearbox were lubricated with Mobil SHC 629 giving an ODI of 4 years as per OEM recommendations. They were seeking support from ExxonMobil for extending the ODI in order to reduce their total cost of ownership.

ExxonMobil team understood the requirement and recommended continued use of Mobil SHC 629 in the application, backed by robust Mobil Serv Lubricant Analysis (MSLA) program to constantly monitor the health of the oil and the equipment.

  • Hour Exposure Reduction – 30 Hours
  • Environmental Improvement – 60 Litres
  • Revenue Improvement – INR 85,098
The recommendations resulted in:
  • Reducing the oil wastage by 60 litres thereby, improving environmental impact
  • Decreasing manpower exposure by 30 hours
  • Annual savings of INR 85,098

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