Mobil Vacuoline 525 circulating oil decreases oil consumption by 76 percent and maintenance downtime by 50 percent in No Twist block mill resulting in cumulative savings of 736885 USD annually.

Steel factory

Equipment: No Twist Block Mill (Newfield)
Plant: Rajuri Steel & TMT Bars Pvt. Ltd.
Address: Daregaon, JaIna
M/s. Rajuri Steel &TMT Bars Pvt. Ltd. Is a Jalna based TMT manufacturing unit which has Newfield make No Twist Block Mill. Customer had requested for a high performance lubricant for this application to have less frequent oil top-up and extended oil drain interval in extreme application condition of high water ingress.
Based on extensive application study along with experience in handling typical issues in similar application such as inefficient demulsibility with sediments of Iron particles, corrosion of gear & bearing components due to water ingress, etc., ExxonMobil team recommended Mobil Vacuoline 525 circulating oil for Newfield make No Twist Block Mill. This circulating oil has excellent water separation characteristics, good protection against rust and corrosion even at extreme water ingress conditions and better gear protection due to presence of extreme pressure additives.  
  • Hour Exposure Reduction – 24 Hours
  • Environmental Improvement – 45600 Litres
  • Revenue Improvement - USD 736885 
With excellent water separation ability and low volatility of Vacuoline 525 in comparison to competition products, M/s. Rajuri Steel achieved 76% decreased top-ups as well as almost zero incidence of machine downtime due to emulsion formation, oil deposit formation or lubricant related bearing failures. This impacted in overall revenue improvement of USD 736885.

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