ExxonMobil recommends Ultratech Cement (ABG) – Shambhupura to use Mobil Gear 600 XP 320 for Vertical Roller Mill to extend ODI, resulting in cost saving of INR 43,21,800

Cement factory

Equipment: Vertical Roller Mill
Plant: Ultra Cement - Shambupura
Address: Chittaurgarh, Rajasthan
Ultratech cement (Aditya Birla Group) was using 3 Vertical Roller Mills to grind the raw material into power form. The Vertical Roller Millers were being lubricated with conventional gear oil which had a life of only 16000 hrs, leading to higher demand for man machine interactions and increased lube consumption.
Based on the investigations and findings, ExxonMobil recommended the following:
  1. To switch to high anti micro pitting, anti-foaming, high thermal, oxidation resistant and cost effective product – Mobil Gear 600 XP 320 to extend ODI to 50,000 hrs or by 3x time
  2. Implementation of Mobil Serv Lubricant Analysis (MSLA) Services
  • Hour Exposure Reduction – 129 Hours
  • Environmental Improvement – 35700 Litres
  • Revenue Improvement – INR 43,21,800  
Following ExxonMobil recommendations, Ultratech Cement (ABG), Shambhupra successfully extended their oil drain intervals by 3x times by using Mobil Gear 600 XP 320 in all 3 Vertical Roller Mills.

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