Hydraulic oil for pressure pipe machinery

Using the right hydraulic oil for your machinery

Most heavy machinery will require some form of lubrication to continue working well. Without it, debris will enter, causing friction that can result in the parts’ wear and tear and eventually damage the entire equipment. This is even more so for hydraulic machines, requiring specific engine oil grades with the right content and viscosity.

Choosing the right hydraulic fluid oil is easy with Mobil™. We offer various types of hydraulic fluids which are primed for performance and deliver anti-wear properties. All these work together to increase productivity and decrease operational costs.

Choosing the right oil for hydraulic equipment

There is no one particular hydraulic fluid type for your equipment. Depending on your requirements, you can source for one that is developed for that purpose. For example, our Nuto H Series features good quality anti-wear hydraulic oils intended for industrial and mobile service applications, subjected to moderate operating conditions, and requiring anti-wear lubricants. With effective oxidation resistance and chemical stability, the product supports good oil life in moderate to severe applications.

The Mobil DTE 10 Excel Series is a range of premium quality hydraulic oils which are formulated to meet the demands of a modern industrial environment that uses hydraulic machinery. These hydraulic fluids help keep hydraulic systems cleaner for longer compared to conventional hydraulic fluids. They’re proven to boost hydraulic efficiency by up to 6 percent, which can decrease power consumption and increase system responsiveness. They can also help reduce machine maintenance and operating costs.

At Mobil™, we also offer hydraulic inspection to help keep your equipment in top form and function – improving performance while uncovering problem areas. Contact us to find out more about our engine oils or servicing today.

Performance recommendations: Keep your equipment running best by choosing the lubricant recommended for specific operating conditions.
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