JetFuel Series

Jet A and Jet A-1 are kerosene-type fuels. The primary difference between the two is freeze point, the temperature at which wax crystals disappear in a laboratory test.

Jet A, which is mainly used in the United States, must have a freeze point of minus 40ºC or below and does not typically contain static dissipator additive. Jet A-1 must have a freeze point of minus 47ºC or below and for locations outside the United States, this fuel normally contains static dissipator additive. There are other key differences between the manufacturing specification within the United States and Europe/Africa/Middle East/Australasia.

Def. Stan. 91-91 has an additional requirement for lubricity for Jet A-1.

ExxonMobil Jet A and ExxonMobil Jet A-1 meet the requirements of ASTM D1655 Standard Specification for Aviation Turbine Fuels. ExxonMobil Jet A-1 also complies with U.K. DEF STAN 91-91, and the JIG (Joint Inspection Group) Aviation Fuel Requirements for Jointly Operated Systems (Check List). In all cases, the most recent issue of relevant specifications applies to the product supplied.



ExxonMobil Jet A meets the following industry specifications:ExxonMobil Jet AExxonMobil Jet A-1


MilitaryExxonMobil Jet AExxonMobil Jet A-1
Approved against Mil U.K. DEF STAN 91-91Not applicableX
Approved against Mil and the JIG (Joint Inspection Group) Aviation Fuel Requirements for Jointly Operated Systems (Check List)Not applicableX


Product Properties

 Jet AJet A-1
Acidity, mg KOH/g0.10 Max.0.10 Max.
Aromatics, Vol. %25 Max.25.0
Sulphur, mercaptan, Wt. %0.003 Max.0.003 Max.
Sulphur, total, Wt. %0.300.30
10% Distillation, ºC205 Max.205.0 Max.
Final Boiling Point, ºC300 Max300.0 Max
Distillation Residue, %1.5 Max.1.5 Max.
Distillation Loss, %1.5 Max.1.5 Max.
Flash Point, ºC38 Min.38.0 Min.
Density @ 15ºC, kg/m3775/840775/840.0
Freeze Point, ºC-40 Max-47.0 Max
Viscosity @ -20ºC, mm/s8.0 Max.8.0000 Max.
Net Heat of Combustion, MJ/kg42.8 Min.42.80 Min.
One of the following shall be met  
1) Smoke Point, mm, or25 Min.25.0 Min.
2) Smoke Point, mm, and18 Min.19.0 Min.
Naphthalenes, Vol. %3.0 Max3.00 Max
Copper Strip Corrosion, 2 h % 100ºCNo. 1No. 1
Thermal Stability  
Filter pressure drop, mm Hg25 Max.25 Max.
Tube Deposits< 3 Max.< 3 Max.
Existent Gum, mg/100 mL.7 Max.7 Max.
Water Reaction, Interface Rating1b Max.1b Max.
MSEP Rating  
Without electrical conductivity additive8585
With electrical conductivity additive7070
Electrical conductivity, pS/m 50 Min. 600 Max.


Health and Safety

Based on available information, this product is not expected to produce adverse effects on health when used for the intended application and the recommendations provided in the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) are followed. MSDSs are available via the Internet at This product should not be used for purposes other than its intended use.

Keep away from ignition sources.
Discharge your static electricity before fueling.
Fill portable containers on the ground.
Handle/Transport in closed or properly vented containers and systems, consistent with all applicable laws.
Harmful or fatal if swallowed.
Avoid breathing the vapors and skin contact.
Do not wash down spills with water. Prevent all spills from reaching water.