Changing motorbike oil

3 things to look out for when changing motorbike oil

Many people choose to use motorbikes for their daily commutes in order to avoid congestion. If your rely heavily on your motorbike too, then paying close attention to your oil will prove invaluable. One of the most important things we can do to care for a motorbike is to replace the oil regularly and in the right way. Here’s what you should look out for:

Jenis oli yang tepat untuk motor

1. Find out which type of oil is right for the engine

With increasingly diverse types of motorbikes on the market comes increasingly diverse types of engine oil. This means you’ll need to be extra careful when choosing your oil! Apart from being differentiated by function (such as engine oil, brake oil and axle oil), oil is also differentiated based on its basic ingredients, namely mineral or synthetic oil.

Mineral oil is a more conventional variety that is still commonly used, while synthetic oil is relatively new. Synthetic oils are specially created to handle extreme situations, and are now widely used in motorbikes with newer engines.

Both types of oil are made from crude oil produced from the ground. A key difference? Synthetic oil has a sophisticated refining process, keeping its purity and quality higher than that of mineral oil. Synthetic oil performs much more reliably, especially in terms of temperature stability.

That’s why synthetic oil can make engines last longer and save gasoline. When a motorbike heats up, synthetic oil reaches its peak performance quicker than mineral oil does, allowing the engine to operate more efficiently.

Mengganti oli motor

2. Know what to avoid

When considering an oil change, it’s not just the type of oil that you need to pay attention to. You’ll also need to be aware of some the things to avoid when changing oil. Here are some of them.

  • Don’t spray oil during the emptying process because the dirt on the oil filter can spread to the engine. We recommend that you let the used oil flow out by itself until it runs out.
  • Don't forget to change the oil ring. When changing the oil, take care to replace the ring properly so that the oil does not leak.
  • Don't combine two different brands of oil. Each brand has its own additives and may not be compatible when combined.
  • Don't put too much or too little oil. Make sure the oil is between the minimum and maximum limits indicated. Use a measuring stick if necessary.
Produk oli motor dari Mobil

3. Choose a high quality oil

Engine oil is a crucial part of maintenance. Without it, or without regular oil changes, you might experience a decline in motorbike performance. High quality engine oil provides high quality protection over a long period of time – especially when the engine runs at high speeds. To find out the quality level and type of oil that’s suited to your motorbike, consult your mechanic or your motorbike manufacturer’s directions.

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