Engine oil for automatic motorcycles

Choose the right engine oil for your scooter

Scooters can be spotted roaming the streets across busy towns and cities. They are easy to maintain and are fairly more affordable than other modes of personal transportation.

To ensure that your scooter can last longer without breaking down, you need to know how to maintain it. One important step is to change the engine oil regularly. Before selecting the most suitable oil, there are several differences between a scooter and manual motorcycles that you need to know.

Different types of motorcycles require different engine oils.

Know the difference between motorcycle engine oils meant for scooters and manual motorcycles:

  • Motorcycle oil

    For manual motorcycles, motorcycle oils serve a dual function: lubricating the engine parts along with other components as well as the transmission system. However, motorcycle oils should not be used to lubricate the transmission systems in scooters.

  • Gear oil or transmission fluid

    Transmission fluids are only used in scooters as a lubricant to keep transmission systems performing well.

Motorcycle engine oils

What the engine oil certification means

You can also identify automatic and manual motorcycle engine oil by looking at the code of the Japanese Automotive Standards Organization (JASO). Usually, you can find this code on the oil label.

Motorcycle engine oils marked with the JASO MB certification are suitable for scooters or scooters, while those with the JASO MA certification work best with manual motorcycles.

Best engine oil for automatic motorcycles

The importance of choosing the right motorcycle engine oil

Choosing the most suitable scooter engine oil for your motorcycle is very important. If the oil in your motorcycle is not at its best, it would not be able to lubricate the engines. Therefore, it is necessary to decide on the right engine oil and change it regularly.

Your engine oil plays an important role in maintaining the performance of your motorcycle, including its durability. So choose one that offers the highest level of performance and protection.

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