Juwa Unso Truck

Excellent performance of long drain and engine protection

Mobil Delvac 1 SHC™ Saves Total Maintenance Costs over
JPY ¥660,000 per annum
13 Benz Actros Diesel Truck Engines
JuwaUnsoCorp. Japan
Mobil Customer Since 2002

To reduce operating and maintenance costs by extending oil drain interval and engine life with high performance synthetic engine oil.
JuwaUnsoCorp. used a single grade mineral oil in their truck engines and replaced the oils every 10,000km. The engines suffered from high oil consumption and high work load during the oil service period.
To extend oil drain interval and reduce overall maintenance costs by using Mobil Delvac 1 SHC™ 5W-40. This high-performance synthetic engine oil has MB-Approval 228.5 and outstanding thermal/oxidation stability, detergency/dispersancy, TBN retention, and shear stability (viscosity retention).
Using Mobil Delvac 1 SHC extended the oil drain interval up to 100,000km (once every year). All 13 Benz Actros trucks have had no oil-related engine problems since 2002, demonstrating excellent performance of long drain and engine protection. By extending the drain interval, the customer saved more than JPY ¥660,000 of overall maintenance cost, including oil purchase and oil change operation.
Reduced overall operating costs by extending oil drain interval and engine life saved over JPY ¥660,000 per annum from:
  • Reduced oil purchase costs
  • Reduced operating cost and time for the oil change
  • Less oil for disposal also reduced the environmental impact.

  • Why choose Mobil Delvac

    Why choose Mobil Delvac™

    Choosing Mobil Delvac™ means a lot more than just extending the life of your engine. Discover the advantages of Mobil Delvac™.