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Trucker care initiative

Drivers and trucks – as a fleet manager, you know they’re your greatest assets. And in our experience, there’s no better way to instil confidence and reassurance in your people than by protecting and maintaining your vehicles.
So with our two-part Trucker care initiative, you can rely on us to help you do both.
Fit for the road
Few things will give your drivers more confidence in you as a manager than the knowledge that you’re looking out for them. It follows that wanting the best for them means wanting the best for the trucks they’ll be taking on the road for you.
In terms of commercial vehicle lubricants, that means Mobil Delvac™.
Mobil Delvac’s long history of proven engine protection and performance has kept business and industry moving for more than 90 years.
Chosen by many of the world’s leading heavy-duty original equipment manufacturers, Mobil Delvac oils help extend the life of your vehicle engines, so your drivers can keep going strong on the road.
Why use synthetic oil?
A synthetic lubricant contains more highly refined base oils than those used in conventional mineral oils, offering additional protection and providing a variety of benefits that help keep engines running at optimal performance:
  • Excellent low-temperature flow performance
  • Viscosity stability
  • Improved oxidation and thermal stability
  • Excellent wear protection
Every fleet has different needs. Because of varying truck routes, haul lengths and load weights, custom care is necessary. That’s why the ExxonMobil Optimized Oil Drain Interval (ODI) Process is driven by data, powered by Mobil Delvac lubricants and supported by the ExxonMobil team.
The partnership is tailored – fleet by fleet – to make sure that you get the most out of your vehicles and equipment. And, just as importantly, to ensure your drivers get a genuine sense of well-being.
Which is better for them, better for you, and better for business.
Empower every driver
There’s a vast difference between being told how to do a job and being given the tools and encouragement to perform your role to the best of your ability.
That’s how your drivers will see it. And that sense of empowerment is what this area of our Trucker care initiative will help you pass on and share with them.
Five top tips for improved vehicle performance
1. Go easy on the brakes
Braking wastes energy, converting it into unnecessary heat energy. It’s a fact that harsh braking uses more fuel, so anticipating potential hazards and taking preventive measures early will reduce the number of times and level of pressure the brakes are applied.
2. Check tyres regularly
In Formula 1, tyre wear and tyre management play a crucial role in winning races; the same is true in the trucking world. Tyres at the optimal pressure and with good grip are critical to operate safely and improve fuel economy.
3. Love the clutch; it’s a fuel-saver!
Research has shown that every upwards gear change improves fuel economy by almost 30 per cent. So keeping in as high a gear as possible and skipping gears when practical makes economic sense. Smart clutch use also means no needless revving, which only increases fuel use and causes additional engine wear. Also, for most trucks, especially modern ones, double-clutching is not necessary and actually wastes fuel.
4. Find the engine’s ‘sweet spot’
We always urge drivers to find the speed at which the truck’s fuel economy is at its optimum and use that whenever possible. The engine’s so-called ‘sweet spot’ is the rotational speed at which the engine is at its most efficient, normally no higher than 1,500 RPM. Your truck builder will be able to let you know the specifics.
5. Select the right high performance lubricants for every truck
Using high performance lubricants can help optimize the performance and improve fuel economy in commercial vehicles. In independent fuel economy tests conducted at Millbrook, a leading international vehicle test and development facility in the UK, Mobil Delvac 1™ LE 5W-30 was shown to achieve an average fuel economy gain of 1.8%.
Similarly, the lubricants used in the transmission and rear axle can make a big difference. Mobilube 1 SHC™ 75W-90 for example, is a fully synthetic, supreme performance commercial gear lubricant that has been proven to deliver outstanding protection alongside fuel economy potential when used in combination with Mobil Delvac 1 LE 5W-30.
Statistically significant fuel economy benefits were observed in the Volvo trucks when comparing Mobil Delvac 1 LE 5W-30 to a mineral 15W-40 engine oil with an average fuel economy gain of 1.8% for highway driving conditions. Corrections were applied when changes in test environment had a statistically significant impact on fuel economy.

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