car care

Time to add car care to your calendar

We sometimes forget that our car needs to be cared for too, and expect it to ‘just work’. On the rare occasion it lets us down, we call our mechanic to fix the problem. Then, off we go without even thinking twice.

But car care shouldn’t be an afterthought– making regular car servicing a priority will surely save you dollars in the long run. To show you that car care isn’t tiresome, here are some top tips to help you stay on the road.

1. Engine tuning
engine tuning
It’s staring us in the face, but how often do we really take note of our mileage counter? Most manufacturers recommend an engine tuning every 10,000 km. Is it time for yours?
2. Engine oil change
oil change
Before engine trouble haunts your drive, it’s best to keep your engine performing at its best by changing your engine oil every 10,000 km.
3. Brake pad replacement
brake pad replacement
If you experience any squealing, shaking or performance loss, you may need to give your current brake pads a break (excuse the pun). Brake pads can last up to 60,000km, but any time you feel something is off, don’t ignore it!
4. Tire replacement
tire replacement
Don’t wait till they’re all tired out – bald tires are extremely dangerous. Tires generally last about 80,000 km, depending on how you drive, and the road surfaces you drive on.
5. Battery replacement

How do you know if your battery is running low? You won’t, but your mechanic will if you send your car in for regular servicing. In general, batteries need replacing every 5 – 7 years.

Here’s a fun fact for you: contrary to what you might think, the more you drive, the longer your battery lasts!

A vital thing to remember with car care is that each car is unique, so these tips are by no means a hard and fast rule. If you’re ever in doubt, always seek expert advice from any of our Mobil 1 workshops.

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