understanding engine oil

Understanding engine oil

Mineral or synthetic engine oils? Viscosities and certifications? This guide can help you choose the best engine oil for your car.
  • engine oil 101

    Engine oil 101: Choosing the right oil for your car

    Types of oils, viscosities, certifications…use this quick guide to learn how to pick the engine oil that protects your engine best.

  • fuel efficiency

    Engine oil and fuel efficiency: Getting the most from your engine

    Did you know that the right engine oil can minimise the cost of your fuel consumption? Here’re some tips on choosing engine oils that increase your fuel efficiency.

  • Engine oil matters

    Why engine oil matters to you and your vehicle

    When it comes to vehicle maintenance, changing your oil should be top of mind. But what makes engine lubricant so important?

  • Mobil engine oil

    A Mobil engine oil for every vehicle

    Mobil™ formulate lubricants for every engine type to uniquely minimize wear, disperse heat, help prevent corrosion and bring out the best in your vehicle. Read on to learn about the versatility of our Mobil products.

  • Mobil 1 recommended

    Mobil 1. Outstanding protection. Proven performance.

    Mobil 1™ has proven to withstand high temperatures, thus providing outstanding engine performance. That’s why Mobil 1 is the first choice for Aston Martin Red Bull Racing and Porsche.

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    From understanding the benefits to clarifying the applications of synthetic engine oils, get answers to all frequently asked questions about synthetics.