Mobil 1 recommended

Mobil 1. Outstanding protection. Proven performance.

From day one, Mobil 1™ is the first choice engine oil in more than 70 high-performance vehicle models. And, the reason? Outstanding protection and proven performance.

Before it hits your engine, each drop of Mobil 1 is subject to up to 20,000 hours of rigorous testing. All to ensure an oil formula that perfectly matches your engine’s needs for efficiency and power.

Designed at the molecular level and enhanced with a proprietary additive system, Mobil 1 motor oils provide outstanding engine performance for your vehicle, even in the most extreme conditions.

Proven performance

Proven performance
That is why, since the 1970s, Mobil 1 has been actively involved in motorsports at all levels, from grassroots racing all the way to 600 championship races – and counting – of the ultimate engine performance test: Grand Prix.

Inside the engine of a Grand Prix race car, oil is exposed to temperatures of up to 300°C and forces more than 8,500 times stronger than that of gravity. Circulating around the engine more than nine times per minute, Mobil 1 synthetic oil helps strengthen Red Bull’s on-track reputation of precision, performance and power. 

“I'm always interested in where the next upgrade is coming from, whether it's an
aerodynamic part or a fuel and lubricant upgrade from our partners at ExxonMobil. We really
need to be performing at a very high level from the first race to the last.”

- Max Verstappen, Driver, Aston Martin Red Bull Racing

But that’s not the end of the race. Our technology and research learnings from motorsports go on to inspire our world-class engineers in developing the best engine oil for your vehicle.

Outstanding protection

Outstanding protection
Porsche and Mobil 1’s shared commitment to research and advanced technology has kept them together for more than 20 years, contributing significantly to the performance of Porsche’s racing cars. 

So far, over 1 million Porsche engines have been running on Mobil 1 since day one. Our full synthetic oil offers the durability, optimum engine efficiency and anti-wear protection demanded by Porsche’s high-performance cars.  

"ExxonMobil is one of our closest and most important cooperation partners,
not only in motorsport, but also in the development of our production engines,
which are filled at the factory with the high-performance lubricant Mobil 1."

–  Dr. Michael Steiner,
Porsche’s Member of the Executive Board - Research and Development.

Is Mobil 1™ only for high-performance engines? Definitely not.

When it’s proven to withstand high temperatures in even the most extreme conditions, you can expect Mobil 1 to protect your vehicle in any situation. 

Feel the difference of Mobil 1 in your engine. 

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