Importance of oil

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Why is your oil so important?
As the heart of any vehicle, the engine requires the right lubrication and protection to keep it running smoothly and efficiently. Mobil™ oil products are designed to provide superior engine protection, keeping your engine running like new even under the most demanding conditions.
Cruising: In ideal driving conditions, the oil will be at the ideal temperature so fuel and water will not accumulate.
High speed: Fast acceleration and running at high speed can raise oil temperature and reduce oil viscosity, exposing the engine to greater wear. Oils designed to operate under higher temperatures can keep the engine protected, prolonging engine life and maintaining efficiency.
Frequent starts and stops: Oil may not sufficiently warm up, and may accumulate water and fuel due to prolonged idling, causing corrosion and sludge. 

Heavy traffic: Encountering a traffic jam after driving at high speed for a period of time can cause thermal stress on the engine, making it run hotter.
Cold weather: Oil thickens at low temperatures, reducing pumping efficiency and takes longer to reach critical engine parts to provide lubrication and protection.

Hot weather: High temperature environments can make it more difficult to keep the engine cool. Engine oils not designed to perform under high temperatures may suffer a reduced ability to protect the engine’s moving parts.

Wet environments: Driving in humid environments can cause moisture accumulation and acid formation in the oil, which then corrodes metal parts and shortens the oil life.

Dust and sand: Dust and sand present a serious problem for engines and may contaminate the oil, greatly increasing the wear on moving parts.
Direct injection diesel engines: Soot particles may remain in the oil and combine into a block, causing accelerated wear of metal parts. 

Turbocharger: Using low-quality oil can result in the formation of carbon deposits on the turbocharger, a common cause of turbocharger failure. 

Fuel quality: Low-quality components in fuel can contaminate and degrade engine oil, leading to oil pollution and the formation of sludge.
Overused oil: Many vehicle owners extend the oil change maintenance cycle past the manufacturer’s recommendation. Higher quality oil can maintain effective lubrication for a longer period of time, keeping the engine running smoothly.
Overloading: Carrying heavy loads puts greater stress on the engine, requiring a higher level of lubricating oil to provide protection. 
Racing: Fast acceleration and running at very high speed puts the engine under extreme stress. High-quality oil designed to perform under these conditions is required to keep the engine protected and running smoothly.

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    Each bottle of oil is the product of years of research and development. Find a range of engine oils suitable for your car, keeping your engine protected in all conditions.

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    Find the Right Oil for your Car

    Finding the right oil for your car is crucial to the life of your engine. We’ve made the process simpler for you. Select from a range of Mobil products.