Machine Shop Campaign

Machine Shop Campaign

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Metal working fluids

Metal Working Fluids

Precise machining operation calls for a precision cutting fluid. Mobilcut™ Series soluble cutting fluids are formulated with leading edge additives and emulsifiers designed to increase productivity in modern machining operations.

  • Stable emulsions and increased sump life
  • Low foaming potential in all conditions
  • Corrosion protection & Increased tool life
  • Eliminates bad odour & provides pleasant working condition

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Vactra oil numbered series

Mobil Vactra™ Oil Series

If precision machining is your need, Mobil Vactra™ Oil Numbered Series is the answer. A high rate of component reject despite best maintenance practices could be caused by inappropriate slideway oils. For smoother slideway operation and precision, use Mobil Vactra™ Oil Numbered Series.

  • Outstanding corrosion protection & extended sildeway life
  • Excellent coolant separability & longer coolant life
  • Compatibility with multiple materials
  • Reduced stick-slips and lesser rejects

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Velocite oil numbered series

Mobil Velocite™ Oil Series

To help you maintain the precision of your high-speed machine tool spindles, Mobil Velocite™ Oil Numbered Series products are formulated to provide excellent lubrication of close-tolerance bearings, offering:

  • Good corrosion protection & improved spindle life
  • Strong oxidation resistance & improved oil life
  • Effective water separation & reduced maintenance cost

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Hydraulic oils

Mobil™ Hydraulic Oils

Mobil™ hydraulic fluid are supreme performance, anti-wear hydraulic oils designed to provide long oil / filter life and optimum equipment protection to meet the stringent requirements of severe hydraulic systems using high pressure, high output pumps, as well as handle the critical demands of other hydraulic system components such as close clearance servo valves and high accuracy numerically-controlled machine tools.

  • 89 percent* Better deposit control & improved oil life
  • 72 percent* Better wear protection & increased component life
  • High load carrying capability & increased productivity
*Under test condition, when compared with competitive oil with viscosity index around 100 and a zinc-based anti-wear system - meeting at least ISO 11158 (L-HM) and/or DIN 51524-2 (HLP type) requirements. Actual results may vary depending upon application.

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