All lubricants are made from a blend of base lubricant and additives. Synthetic lubricant products are composed of base lubricants that have been processed using higher level distillation technologies compared to ordinary mineral lubricants and provide a much higher level of protection and performance. Synthetic lubricants offer benefits to ensure engines perform at maximum efficiency for many years, such as by preventing wear, cleaning and lubricating the engine, ensuring a constant viscosity, preventing rust and reducing friction.

Follow the appropriate environmental guidelines as you would for ordinary lubricants. Please contact the relevant environmental or regulatory agency to find out more about correct methods of disposal.

All lubricants are made from a blend of a base lubricant and additives. Fully-synthetic lubricants are composed of a special lubricant that offers 100% performance and are free from base mineral lubricants. Semi-synthetic lubricants (or 'synthetic blends') comprise a mix of a special lubricant that offers high performance and a base mineral lubricant. Mobil 1 is a fully-synthetic lubricant.

Your engine will benefit from a level of protection unrivalled since the launch of Mobil 1 in 1974, when it became the first to sell synthetic engine lubricant. Although there are now many more manufacturers, Mobil 1 is still recognised as the most state-of-the-art. Let's find out why it has to be Mobil 1.

Mobil 1 can be mixed with ordinary, semi-synthetic and other synthetic lubricants if necessary. The important thing to remember is that Mobil 1's efficiency will be reduced as a result of the dilution process.

Over the years, continued investments in research and development have resulted in high-quality Mobil 1 products being manufactured. The various formulations have been tried and tested on racetracks and are trusted by leading automobile manufacturers worldwide.

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