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FAQs and tips for bike and scooter

Enjoy longer and smoother rides with engines that last. Give your motorbike or scooter engine the best protection it can get.
  • Changing motorbike oil

    3 things to look out for when changing motorbike oil

    Learn key tips on choosing and using engine oil to protect your motorbike

  • Kilometer count

    Is the kilometer count the only benchmark for change of motorcycle engine oil?

    It is advisable to consider other factors such as motorcycle engine age and drive time as a way to determine when it’s time for oil change.

  • Changing motorbike oil

    Tips for knowing when it’s time to change motorbike engine oil

    Look out for these signs to know when your engine oil needs to be replaced.

  • Engine oil for automatic motorcycles

    Choose the right engine oil for your scooter

    Keep your motorcycle running reliably with the right change of lubricant. Get to know the kind of engine oil that works best with your scooter.

  • Person taking notes


    From understanding the benefits to clarifying the applications of synthetic lubricants, get answers to all frequently asked questions about synthetics.