Low temperature performance

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If most of your driving consists of short journeys such as the quick trip to work, the school run or down to the shops, your engine hardly has time to warm up before it is turned off again. To save engine wear, you need outstanding cold start protection. It has been proven that Mobil 1 still flows freely at temperatures as low as negative 50°C and on start up, it can reach all moving parts of the engine 15 seconds faster than some conventional oils. This means Mobil 1 starts protecting your engine right away, saving your engine from a great deal of punishment and saving you money on fuel and maintenance costs. It also means more reliable starting, even on the coldest mornings.

Mobil 1 Offers Excellent Extreme Low Temperature Performance

Mobil 1 reaches every moving part of the engine 15 seconds faster than other conventional oils. In cold weather, it will take longer for the engine to achieve full oil pressure as the oil does not circulate around quickly. This results in poor lubrication and a higher rate of wear on the engine. Our test simulates low temperature circulation and cold starting.

Low Temperature Performance
  • Mobil 1™ Performance Record

    Mobil 1™ performance record

    Mobil 1™ is engineered to keep your engine protected and performing under the most demanding conditions. Scroll through some tests that corroborate our claims, helping you understand why we say that you can get outstanding engine performance with Mobil 1™.

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    Mobil 1™ provides performance & protection against engine wear. Don't just take our word for it. Hear what the experts have to say.