Outstanding Cleanliness And Deposit Control

Mobil 1™ Provides Exceptional Cleaning Performance For Older Engines
In laboratory tests, we switched an American engine and European engine that had been running with conventional mineral oil to Mobil 1. Following 14,000 miles of driving with Mobil 1 at recommended oil drain intervals, the European vehicle returned to near showroom levels of cleanliness. The American vehicle experienced even greater improvement.
Outstanding Cleanliness and Deposit Control
Mobil 1 Provides Exceptional Performance At High Temperatures
Mobil 1 keeps your engine cleaner under high temperature conditions. Some of the engine tests we run simulate severe conditions. This particular engine test measures piston deposits in simulated high-speed driving in very hot weather. The oil temperature reached a high of 150°C for 100 hours.
Outstanding Cleanliness and Deposit Control
Mobil 1 Offers Superior Resistance To Deposits Even At High Temperatures
Mobil 1 is more effective at resisting high temperature deposits than some other leading fully synthetic and semi-synthetic oils. Our test simulates high temperature piston deposit formulation which reduces engine efficiency. The test oil is heated to 285°C and directed onto a rapidly spinning (2500rpm) aluminium disc which is heated to 330°C. This test lasted 3 hours. At the end of the test, we assigned the oil a cleanliness rating out of 100.
Outstanding Cleanliness and Deposit Control
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    Mobil 1™ performance record

    Mobil 1™ is engineered to keep your engine protected and performing under the most demanding conditions. Scroll through some tests that corroborate our claims, helping you understand why we say that you can get outstanding engine performance with Mobil 1™.

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