High temperature protection

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2X greater high-temperature protection
Mobil 1 advanced full synthetic
Competitive full synthetic
Standard protection
Good protection
Superior protection
The engine oil industry uses a proprietary Honda high-temperature deposit test to measure an oil's resistance to deposit formation in turbochargers. In the severe-service test with turbochargers, Mobil 1™ 5W-30 advanced full synthetic oil displayed superior performance compared to a competitive full synthetic oil as well as our own conventional oil (which met industry-standard GF-5/API SN requirements).
An industry leader in proven turbo performance
Mobil 1 oils are setting the standard for turbocharged engine performance and protection. For years, ExxonMobil has run its own Thin Film Oxidation Test, which simulates a turbocharger's harsh operating environment. Oxidation stability, ageing stability and viscosity control are even more important for thinly layered oils in turbocharged applications because today's smaller turbocharged engines are generating more heat and power than ever before.

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    Each bottle of oil is the product of years of research and development. Find a range of engine oils suitable for your car, keeping your engine protected in all conditions.

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