Thin Film Oxidation Protection

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The Mobil™ Thin Film Oxidation Test involves preheating the metal surface and the oil to high temperatures, and then continuously spraying the oil onto the metal surface. This test measures the oil's ability to demonstrate varnish control within the high-temperature turbocharger environment. Oils with poor thermal stability will decompose, leaving behind a residue on the metal. Residue build-up could cause the temperatures inside the turbo to increase, eventually blocking oil passages and resulting in turbo failure.
More than 70 of the top performance vehicle models, many of which feature turbos, roll off factory lines with Mobil 1 oil inside. From Mercedes-AMG to Porsche, automakers trust Mobil 1™ oil as the factory fill and recommended service fill to protect their modern turbocharged engines.
*Results based on Mobil 1 ILSAC GF-5 product testing against limits in Honda HTT and GM Turbo Test.
†For Mobil 1™ ILSAC GF-5 products.
‡Mobil 1™ 5W-30 engine oil was evaluated against Mobil 1 ILSAC GF-5 product testing against limits in Honda HTT and GMT

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    Automakers trust Mobil 1™

    Today’s engines are designed to achieve an optimal balance of power, fuel economy and emissions. Bolstered by its winning history in motorsports, Mobil 1 synthetic engine oil meets and exceeds those requirements. Find out how you can get the most out of your vehicle.

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