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Food Aerosols

Mobil™ has a rich heritage and an established reputation in Europe, since first coming on the market in 1886. This commitment to performance, innovation and expertise continues to this day with our new Mobil aerosol range, featuring food aerosols specifically designed for use across all applications in the food and beverage industries.


With the food sector dominating the European food grade market, meeting customers machining needs is essential. As lubricants in this sector are projected to reach 60,556.9 tons by 2020, ExxonMobil is expanding its ancillaries’ range into Mobil aerosols. To provide you with a complete fluid solution.


Health and safety are key to the success of the food industry, and with ever-growing concerns it is crucial to know the importance of contamination and hazard analysis. Each food aerosol holds an NSF H1 certification to meet European regulations. The convenient aerosol cans feature packaging designed to be easy-to-use and risk-free. The Mobil Aerosol nozzle provides two types of spray so it can adapt to specific applications. The packaging design helps with product selection by having the product name clearly visible as well as the unique colour coding which reduces the risk of contamination. In addition to these human health risks, food contamination can cause wider concerns for the food industry including: product recalls, customer complaints, and damage to your brand’s reputation.


Mobil food aerosols are a unique offering as they complement other Mobil oil products, so you can streamline your operation by getting a complete fluid solution in one delivery from one contact – all backed by years of Mobil experience.

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