Hydraulic oil for pressure pipe machinery


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Discover the benefits of our Mobil DTE™ Series of hydraulic lubricants

  • Mining truck

    Mobil DTE Excel™ 46 and Mobil Planned Engineering Services help TISCO Mining Co., Ltd. Improve dumper hydraulic system and save US $823,746

    Mobil DTE 10 Excel™ 46 hydraulic oil helps TISCO Mining Co, Ltd. improve productivity in their mining dumper hydraulic systems.

  • Mobil SHC™ 524 synthetic hydraulic oil helps increase oil drain intervals by 700%

    Sludge formation and oil deposits inspired one steel mill to switch to Mobil SHC™ 524 synthetic hydraulic oil – allowing them to safely increase oil drain intervals by 8 fold. See how.

  • Hydraulic system care and maintenance

    Hydraulic system care and maintenance

    Are you getting the most out of your hydraulic fluids? Find out the four things you need to know to ensure optimum service life.

Performance recommendations: Keep your equipment running best by choosing the lubricant recommended for specific operating conditions.
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Lubricants for Hydraulics

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    Is your hydraulic oil saving you money?

    Use our calculator tools to estimate how much you can save by switching to Mobil SHC™ synthetic hydraulic oils.