Road safety triangle warning

Safe driving

Today’s vehicles are safer than ever, but that doesn’t mean you should rely on your vehicle’s safety features to protect you and your family on the road.

Having some basic safety precautions in mind – and keeping the right tools in your trunk – can help you stay prepared for the unexpected when you’re on the road.

From what to do if your car catches on fire to advice for driving high-performance tires on winter roads, our road safety tips can help keep you in the know and out of trouble on the asphalt.

  • Hybrid vehicle plugged into a charging station

    All about hybrid vehicles

    Learn about the history of hybrids and how the engine technology leverages alternatives to traditional fossil fuels.

  • Automakers adopt start-stop systems

    Your next car might feature a start-stop system. Do you know how that technology works?

  • Man in gray suit looking inside car emergency kit in truck

    Car emergency kit

    Create a car emergency kit for your trunk to be prepared for road trips and roadside emergencies.

  • How to cope when engine overheats emitting steam

    Car fire safety: Must dos

    Do you know what to do when you smell smoke in your car? Get car fire smart – and be safer.

  • Two girls looking out of open SUV liftgate

    Car maintenance checklist for road trips

    A little prep work goes a long way. Find out how to have a safer and happier road trip.

  • Motorcycle operates safely as drivers share the road

    Cars and motorcycles sharing the road

    Being a safe driver doesn’t just include watching out for yourself and other cars. Learn how to be more aware of motorcycles with these tips.

  • How to drive safely in the mud

    How to drive safely in mud

    Venturing from the dry pavement to mud? Get tips for how to drive more safely in mud and stay in control of your vehicle.

  • Off road driving and safety tips

    Off road driving and safety tips

    Eight off-road driving and safety tips that every off-roading driver needs to know.

  • Summer tires on car in winter

    Using summer tires in winter

    Performance tires perform differently in snow. Find out what you need to know about tires in winter.

  • brown pickup truck pulling boat

    Vehicle towing guide

    Towing a trailer doesn’t have to be difficult. Find out what you need to know before hitching up your vehicle.

  • Winter driving safety tips

    Winter driving safety tips

    With some basic winter driving safety tips, you’ll be less likely to find yourself on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck.

  • Side view of car in motion

    What to do when your car stalls

    Do you know what to do – and more importantly, what not to do – if your car stalls on the highway?