Mobil 1™ Annual Protection – breakthrough lubricant technology

At ExxonMobil, we set out to develop the most advanced motor oil ever. Our goal: Provide drivers with the convenience of going one full year or 20,000 miles between oil changes* with a cutting-edge formulation that extends oil life, maximizes wear protection and prevents harmful deposits.

*Whichever comes first.

Discover Mobil 1™ Annual Protection, the motor oil that provides engine protection for one full year or 20,000 miles between oil changes.* Hear ExxonMobil engineers explain how this breakthrough lubricant technology works, and see the results of the 120,000-mile test.

*Whichever comes first.

Proving that Mobil 1 Annual Protection motor oil can last for 1 full year or 20,000 miles*

"The proof of performance team put Mobil 1 Annual Protection to the test to ensure it met the highest standards we have ever had for motor oil performance, wear protection and durability," said ExxonMobil engineer Pawel Bialota. To simulate beyond-extreme annual driving conditions, a 120,000-mile proof of performance test was carried out at the ExxonMobil Research and Engineering facility in Paulsboro, New Jersey. Three vehicles – all featuring turbocharged, direct-injection engines, which are notoriously tough on oil – were tested:

  • 2015 Chevrolet Malibu LT, 2.0L TGDI
  • 2015 Lexus NX 200t, 2.0 L Turbo
  • 2016 Ford Fusion SE, 1.5 L EcoBoost

The proof of performance testing included putting 120,000 miles on each vehicle, and then inspecting, rating and photographing the engines to document the oil’s performance. Each vehicle endured a severe duty test cycle on a mileage accumulation dynamometer, and operated under a combination of incline and towing conditions with oil changes every 20,000 miles. The used motor oil was put through a battery of lab tests – midway and at the end of each test cycle – to determine its durability and performance in key areas: Oil life, wear protection and sludge prevention. Despite the strenuous test requirements, Mobil 1™ Annual Protection ultimate full synthetic motor oil demonstrated outstanding performance in all key areas. See the extensive proof of performance testing and engine teardown results below.

Extends oil life

The breakthrough lubricant technology of Mobil 1 Annual Protection motor oil allows drivers to go one full year or 20,000 miles between oil changes.* Made up of high-performance synthetic base oils and reinforced with proprietary anti-aging technology, the advanced formulation resists breakdown, which means it can deliver longer-lasting engine protection while supporting optimal performance. The proof of performance team evaluated the capabilities of Mobil 1 Annual Protection motor oil by conducting tests to measure how oil can oxidize, break down and thicken over time. In the ExxonMobil Proprietary High-temperature viscosity control test, notice how Mobil 1 Annual Protection oil outlasted the other synthetic oils tested before thickening limits were reached.

Resistance to oil breakdown: ExxonMobil Proprietary High-temperature viscosity control test
Chart showing how Mobil 1™ Annual Protection resists oil breakdown compared to competitive synthetic oils
The ExxonMobil Proprietary High-temperature Viscosity Control Test measures oil’s ability to maintain viscosity control at high temperatures. As oil is exposed to extreme temperatures, it can break down and thicken. This reaction reduces oil’s flow properties, which hampers its ability to properly lubricate and protect critical engine parts.

As oils decompose under high-temperature testing conditions, a residue is left behind on the metal surfaces. The images below illustrate the lack of residue left behind by Mobil 1 Annual Protection oil compared with the other oils tested during the ExxonMobil Proprietary Thin Film Oxidation Test. Mobil 1 Annual Protection oil retains its thermal stability, helping protect against residue buildup that could block oil flow to critical engine parts.

Oil durability when subjected to heat: ExxonMobil Proprietary Thin Film Oxidation Test
Comparison of residue left behind when testing oil under high-temperature conditions
The ExxonMobil Proprietary Thin Film Oxidation Test involves preheating the metal surface and the oil to high temperatures, and then continuously spraying the oil onto the metal surface. This test measures the oil’s ability to demonstrate varnish control within the high-temperature turbocharger environment. Oils with poor thermal stability will decompose, leaving behind a residue on the metal. Residue buildup could cause the temperatures inside the turbo to increase, eventually blocking oil passages and resulting in turbo failure.

Maximizes wear protection

At the end of the test, the proof of performance team dismantled the engines and ExxonMobil engineers Pawel Bialota and Nikki Brown performed a visual examination of the engine parts. "Even after 120,000 miles, with only five oil changes taking place on our test vehicles, the parts were consistent with what we would find in a new engine, which was absolutely staggering," said Bialota. Later, precise measurements were taken by using a micrometer and profilometer, and many parts that require lubrication were found to be within manufacturer tolerances† for brand new parts, including the crankshaft bearings of the Lexus NX 200t.

†Based on available manufacturer tolerance data.

Some motor oils can break down over time, causing engine wear. Oil degradation can allow metal-on-metal contact to occur in an engine and cause engines to experience metal shearing. This type of cumulative damage is irreversible and has the potential to affect oil pressure and diminish engine performance. Mobil 1 Annual Protection motor oil provides unsurpassed wear protection‡ and protects critical engine parts to keep engines running like new.

‡According to the industry-accepted Sequence IVA engine wear test.

Engine protection is one of the main roles of motor oil. See how you can fight engine wear with the breakthrough lubricant technology of Mobil 1™ Annual Protection full synthetic motor oil, and find out why some motor oils can contribute to engine damage.

Wear protection: Lexus NX 200t crankshaft bearings after 120,000 miles
Bearings in like new condition after 120,000 miles

§The "crankshaft bearings," also referred to as "main bearings," do not rotate; they are the bearings upon which the crankshaft rotates. The bearings are exposed to the revolutions that the crankshaft experiences. The Lexus NX 200t had an average of 1,900 rpm, and its crankshaft’s average revolutions per second was 32, which means the crankshaft bearings were rotated upon nearly 486,604,800 times.

Prevents harmful deposits

Sludge can restrict oil from properly lubricating, cooling and protecting critical engine parts. Mobil 1 Annual Protection motor oil is specially formulated to control sludge, as evidenced throughout the 120,000-mile proof of performance test. Upon performing a visual inspection of the Lexus NX 200t cylinder head, Brown was impressed. "Wow, there are no visible signs of sludge anywhere. Just free oil." The presence of sludge was measured at each 20,000-mile oil change interval, showing that sludge was consistently controlled in all three test vehicles: the Chevrolet Malibu LT, Ford Fusion SE and Lexus NX 200t.

Sludge control: Exceptional sludge control, outstanding engine cleanliness
Lexus NX 200t engine top deck after 120,000 miles on Mobil 1™ Annual Protection
Sludge ratings are made on a cleanliness merit basis wherein a rating of 10 designates a part completely free of sludge and where parts with increased accumulations of sludge are represented by lower rating numbers. Parts measured in the Lexus NX 200t at the end of the test were top deck, rocker cover, oil pan and bottom end that had an overall rating of 9.73 out of 10 for outstanding performance and help protecting against the accumulation of harmful deposits.

Our ultimate motor oil

Mobil 1 Annual Protection motor oil is breakthrough lubricant technology. When the 120,000-mile proof of performance test was over, Brown was convinced. "The proof's right here on this table," said Brown. "Mobil 1 Annual Protection offers maximum wear protection, helps prevent harmful sludge and deposits, and extends oil life up to one full year or 20,000 miles." Drivers can now enjoy the convenience of longer time between oil changes while experiencing outstanding performance and protection.

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