Yellow Chevy Corvette representing models factory filled with Mobil 1™ oil

Mobil 1™ – Corvette’s recommended motor oil


The legendary Corvette has evolved into a powerful supercar. Complementing the impressive design of the vehicle is a motor oil that can withstand, and in fact enhance, the ever-evolving level of power and precision of Corvette performance.

Mobil 1 and Chevrolet engineers have built a strong relationship over the past 25-plus years, matching engineering updates to the motor oil that keeps the vehicle running like new. Mobil 1™ ESP Formula 0W-40 motor oil was developed from this partnership for the seventh-generation Corvette and is the recommended motor oil for all C8 Corvette models.

Mobil 1 motor oil continues to provide protection for the vehicle's no-comprise powerhouse of an engine against wear, heat, cold weather and sludge buildup — all while maintaining the fun-to-drive DNA of Corvette.


The switch from 5W-30 to 0W-40 opens up true everyday supercar performance. With Mobil 1 ESP 0W-40, Corvette can unleash what it does best utilizing power and precision. While doing so, Mobil 1 motor oil provides cold-start and wear protection and allows for a track-to-street Mobil 1 oil experience.

Cold-start protection

The C8 model introduces a mid-engine platform to a crowd that is familiar with a front-engine Corvette. As the evolution of the vehicle continues, so does its capabilities. In fact, the Stringray has the quickest 0-60 time of any entry-level Corvette ever. To maintain all that power and capability over the life of the vehicle we needed to start with the basics, protection at start up especially during cold temperatures.

Wear protection

The C8 offers an impressive LT2 engine and Mobil 1 motor oil is there to keep that strong heart pumping. Through research, GM engineers discovered that using substandard oil can affect performance and may even damage the engine. The development of Mobil 1 ESP Formula 0W-40 in tandem with GM engineers helps protect the promise of the LT2. This is the first and only dexos®-approved motor oil developed specifically for Corvette.

Track-to-street on 1 oil

The base Stingray provides improved track performance through the first-time use of an engine-mounted dry-sump oil system and three scavenge pumps. During serious track driving, oil volume remains high to avoid diminished performance. That is where Mobil 1 ESP Formula 0W-40 comes in. The formula is specifically designed to deliver maximum performance on both street and track, with no oil changes in the way.

The track-to-street concept is taken quite literally when it comes to Mobil 1 motor oil. The Corvette Racing team has chosen Mobil 1 advanced synthetic as its engine lubricant for more than 20 years. Since then, the team has reached the Winner’s Circle more than 100 times worldwide. Extensive testing and post-race analysis have revealed minimal component wear, along with improved engine reliability and performance. The team has a record that speaks for itself.
Keep your Corvette Mobil 1 from Day One!