A quart of Mobil 1 engine oil

Who depends on Mobil 1™ lubricant technology?

The Mobil 1™ lubricant technology that’s the backbone of our motor oil for everyday driving is chosen by racing teams worldwide to help provide a competitive advantage on track.

Top-notch performance on the track means pushing engine limits. Racing engines need to endure high rpm and higher operating temperatures – so they require top-quality motor oils built for racing. That’s why Mobil 1™ motor oils are specially formulated to withstand grueling conditions and protect critical engine parts –while helping to maximize efficiency and performance.

Few companies have been involved in motorsports as long as ExxonMobil. The Mobil 1 brand’s history in motorsports officially began in 1978, and remains strong.

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    Automakers use Mobil 1™

    Find out why many top auto manufacturers fill their cars with Mobil 1 synthetic oil from day one.

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    Race car teams using Mobil 1™ technology

    Many preeminent race teams competing in the most demanding and popular motorsports series around the globe use Mobil 1 lubricant technology.

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    Mobil 1™ is the Official Motor Oil of NASCAR®

    Discover why half of all NASCAR® teams use Mobil 1™ motor oils for proven performance for their car engines.

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    Mobil 1™ is the Official Motor Oil of Chevrolet Performance

    Learn how Mobil 1 motor oil helps protect all Chevrolet Performance crate engines.

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  • Mobil 1 – Technology partner of TRD

    Mobil 1™ is an Official Technology Partner of Toyota Racing Development

    Since the partnership began in 2010, Toyota Racing Development has won major championship, including NASCAR®, using Mobil 1 lubricants.

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