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Choose Mobil™ 1 motor oil for your Porsche®

Offering durability, optimum engine efficiency and anti-wear protection, Mobil 1™ synthetic oil has been the factory and recommended service fill for select Porsche models since 1996. Find the right Mobil™ products for your Porsche below:

Tested against Porsche specifications

A full range of Mobil 1 motor oils are ideal for Porsche vehicles, having been tested against Porsche’s own motor oil specifications. We offer:

  • 0W-20 advanced full synthetic motor oil approved against Porsche spec C20.
  • 0W-30 and 5W-30 advanced full synthetic motor oils approved against Porsche spec C30
  • 0W-40, 5W-40 and 5W-50 advanced full synthetic motor oils approved against Porsche spec A40

Performance engines in Porsche SUVs and sports cars rely on the Mobil 1 motor oil formulation to help maximize horsepower, realize the design full potential and to protect the world-class engineering that goes into Porsche engines.

The Mobil 1 brand features motor oils specially designed for European vehicles featuring the latest engine technologies including turbochargers, direct-injection, and hybrids. Several of these motor oils for European vehicles were specially formulated for those engines with particulate filters, both in gasoline- and diesel-powered cars. Porsche dropped diesel-powered cars from its offer in 2018 in an emphasis shift to electric and hybrid vehicles. If you own a gas or diesel-powered Porsche, the Mobil 1 motor oil lineup has an oil for your engine.

 0W-40 Mobil 1 motor oil in more than a million Porsches

A milestone was reached when in 2012 the millionth Porsche-produced engine rolled off factory lines filled with same 0W-40 grade of Mobil 1 motor oil. This number continues to grow as the Mobil 1 brand delivers on its reputation of celebrated lubricant reliability and continuous improvement.

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    Automakers use Mobil 1™

    Find out why many top auto manufacturers fill their cars with Mobil 1 synthetic oil from day one.

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    Mobil 1 Porsche Recommended

    Learn about the longstanding partnership that has made Mobil 1™ synthetic motor oil the factory fill for more than one million Porsches.

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    Proven performance for turbochargers

    Higher operating temperatures, higher rpm, greater compression. Discover the importance of Mobil 1™ motor oil in today’s turbo engines.

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    Mobil™ limited warranties

    Mobil 1™ motor oils are warranted to be free from defects and to protect your vehicle’s critical engine parts from oil-related failure.